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Fifty anglers fished Triple Hook Clubs Turkey Open on a bright calm winters day.

Winner was John Passmore with a flounder of 1lb 13oz.

2nd – Junior Angler – Lennox Pine flounder 1lb 12oz

3rd – Taz Wotton – Flounder 1lb 10oz

4th – Nigel Gullion – Flounder 1lb 10oz

5th – Kay Short – Flounder 1lb 9.5oz

6th – Joan Cairns – 1lb 8.5oz

7th – Julian Stainer – 1lb 8oz

8th – Mark Beer – 1lb 6.75oz

9th – Marilyn Wotton – 1lb 5oz

10th – Dennis Toleman – Flounder 1lb 5ozdscn4489preview