Flounder Fishing

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Flounder devotee David Jenkins caught this 1lb 14oz flounder on his latest visit to the Taw estuary. David says that the fishing has not been easy and expressed concerns regarding anglers not backfilling after digging for ragworm. This is a perennial issue with a significant minority failing to follow well established codes of conduct relating to bait collection. It is important that anglers do all they can to maintain a good public image and the actions of few tarnish the good name of angling. This also relates to litter and failure to respect private property.

Bideford Angling Club Monthly Rover

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Re-scheduling the October Rover to avoid storm Alex proved a wise decision for Bideford Angling Club with members enjoying improved weather and some good fishing. Phil Vanstone lead the way with a superb ballad Wrasse of 5lb 5oz a superb fish for the North Devon Coast.

The flounder were also all North Devon fish which bodes well for the coming months of the flounder fishing season.

1st Phil Vanstone wrasse 5lb 5oz 106.250%

2nd Andrew Clements flounder 1lb 15oz 1/4 97.656%

3rd Stephen Found flounder 1lb 13 1/4oz 91.406%

4th Andrew Clements flounder 1lb 12oz 87.500%

5th Antony Smith flounder 1lb 8oz 76.562%

6th Stephen Found flounder 1lb 7 3/4oz 74.218%

Flounder Fishing on the up

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David Jenkins caught this fine 1lb 13oz flounder from the Taw estuary. The recent flood conditions will have flushed some of the crabs out of the estuary increasing the chance of catching the humble flounder a favourite species of Barnstaple’s anglers for many years.

Flounder Fishing Competition Results & Bideford Christmas Competition

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Bideford Christmas competition results

An impressive 72 anglers lined the banks of a wind swept Torridge Estuary to take part in Bideford Angling Clubs Christmas Competition and plenty of flounder were tempted.

1st R. Slade flounder 1lb 9 1/2oz
2nd D. Jenkins flounder 1lb 5 1/2oz
3rd D. Talbot flounder 1lb 4 3/4oz
4th M. John’s flounder 1lb 4 1/4oz
5th R. Harris flounder 1lb 3 1/4oz
6th A. Mccourt flounder 1lb 3oz
7th M. Druce flounder 1lb 1 3/4oz
8th C. Curtis flounder 1lb 1 3/4oz
9th D. Bailey flounder 1lb 1 3/4oz
10th A. Clements flounder 1lb 1 1/2oz
Prizes went all the way to 26th place.
1ST B. Lee flounder 0.310g
2nd B. Lee flounder 0.306g
3rd B. J. Less flounder 0.302g
4th B. Phipps flounder 0.288g
5th B. Phipps flounder 0.256

Nathan Clements wrote :-
“I would like to say thank you to everyone that fished today 72 angler’s produced 39 flounder it’s been a brilliant day.
Thanks to Paul and Lisa done a fantastic job again.
Thank you to all are sponsors.
Thanks to the reds for letting us host the competition.
Congratulations to all the winners
See you all again next year”

Appledore Shipbuilders Christmas Competition

Appledore Shipbuilders fished their Christmas comp today. Winner  and 2nd was Owen Atkinson with Flounders of 1lb 14 3/4ozs and 1lb 12ozs 3rd was Cameron Atkinson with a flounder of 1lb 2 3/8ozs 22 members fished.

TRIPLE HOOK CLUB – Open Flounder Including Ladies and Junior Open

Twenty-Three anglers fishing in Triple Hook Clubs Open Flounder Match with good numbers of flounder landed. Mark Beer was first in the senior section with a flounder of 1lb 6.75oz. In runner up spot was Joan Cairns with a flounder of 1lb 4.5oz.

In the Junior section Lennox Pine took top spot with a flounder of 1lb 63/8oz and Levi Beer was runner up with a flounder of 1lb 33/8oz. Ian Cairns was runner up in club only Junior section with a flounder of 1lb.

The ladies section was secured by Joan Cairns with her flounder of 1lb 4.5oz. Runner up in the ladies section was Levi Beer with her flounder of 1lb 33/8oz.

Sea Angling Latest

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Jamie Steward caught this brace of flounder weighing 1lb 5oz and 1lb 6oz during a pleasure fishing session on the Taw Estuary. With calm conditions and easterly air stream fishing was hard over the weekend with most competition anglers targeting flounder. Out on the coast whispers of few early spurdog and a few codling.


1st Jazza John. Flounder 1lb 10 1/2ozs
2nd Richard Boon Flounder 1lb 8ozs
3rd Terry Dymond Flounder 1lb 5 1/8ozs
18 seniors and 2 Juniors Fished

Bidefords Rover Results

1st Terry Dymond flounder 1lb 5 1/8oz


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The flounder fishing season is in full swing in the estuary with several competitions this weekend. Results were mixed during the competitions with flounders prolific in some areas and very scarce in other areas. A few bass were also caught and returned in line with present regulations.

Combe Martin SAC

Matt Jefferey secured the top three places in Combe Martin SACs Flounder competition winning the competition with a fine flattie of 1lb 12oz.

1st Matt Jeffery 1lb 12oz

2nd Matt Jeffery 1lb 7oz

3rd Matt Jeffery 1lb 5oz Joint

4th with 1lb 2oz Jamie Stewart Dave Jenkins Daniel Laird

Jamie Steward with fine brace of flounder.
Ross Stanway with a pleasing 4lb + bass

Braunton Small Boat Club

1st Tracey Phipps 1lb 4oz

2nd Tracey Phipps 15oz

3rd Tracey Phipps 14oz 3rd Ian Anderson 14oz


John Passmore secured victory in Triple Hook Clubs Open flounder competition with a flounder scaling 1lb 105/8oz. In runner up spot was Mark Beer with  flounder of 1lb 101/8oz and third Joan Cairns with a flounder of 1lb 71/2oz.

Late Result – last weekends Triple Hook Club – Croyde to Foreland  –

1st John Passmore – Bull huss 11lb 51/8oz and dogfish 1lb 11.5oz

A Bit of Flounder Fishing

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The humble flounder of the estuary have a certain appeal that I had somehow forgotten having neglected the species for several seasons. Our son James seemed keen for a short session so having gratefully secured a pound of worms from a local bait digger we found ourselves surveying the bleak cold and grey expanse of the estuary. We had arrived just before the flooding tide and the first hour passed by without any action. But it was  good to be by the water watching the plentiful bird life on the exposed mud banks.

I have fond memories of fishing the area back in the late seventies with my cousin who would take me fishing on cold frosty evenings to fish from the railway line that was at that time still in partial use running to Bideford. As the tide started to slow the downstream flow I caught the first flounder of the day that was quickly slipped back.

Shorty after retreating onto the higher bank my rod tip gave a couple of nods. A few minutes later I was pleased to feel a weighty flattie pulsating on the line and hanging deep as it approached the shoreline. A plump flounder of 1lb 11oz was a good result and a good omen for Combe Martin SAC’s Flounder competition and Triple Hooks Open Flounder Competitions this weekend.

Having caught a couple I was hoping James would get in on the action before we packed up.  His rod tip gave a few gentle nods resulting in a double shot of flounder to end the session.

I really must make sure I enjoy a few more sessions after these obliging flatfish that will often give sport when little else is happening. I intend to try caching a few on ultra light LRF tactics as I have caught them on the open coast using jig heads and Isome worms. The latest book on Lure Fishing by Dominic Garnett has a chapter dedicated to this type of fishing. I have also caught flounder in the past trotting a bunch of ragworm beneath a float using ultra light coarse tackle; great fun!


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November rover results
1st Tarrant Wotton flounder 1lb 11 1/2 85.156%
Joint 2nd
Dick Talbot
Tarrant Wotton flounder 1lb 11 84.375%
4th Dick Talbot flounder 1lb 8 1/2 76.562%
5th Terry Dymond flounder 1lb 5 3/8 67.968%
6th Terry Dymond flounder 1lb 4 62.500%


November Rover Results

1st – Chris Boon – Flounder 1lb 11 3/4ozs
2nd – Martyn John – Flounder 1lb 9 1/2ozs
3rd – Josh Atkinson – Thornback Ray 5lb 15 1/4ozs

Damien Close from the Weston Outcasts fished a North Devon Rock mark on the eve of last weekends big storm and was certainly in the right place at the right time. I was fishing further along the coast with former tope record holder Kevin Legge.  Kev received a text from Damien. Two casts, two tope 41lb and 31lb ! The mark we fished was not so productive giving a steady stream of strap eels and dogfish. I did hook a decent fish that came off after just a few moments. Isn’t it sods law that the 2lb strap eel engulfs the bait in seconds and the big fish manages to avoid getting hooked!

Big low pressure systems often result in big fish being caught with the time before and after proving good times to be out at the waters edge. Fishing at such times is of course potentially risky so always follow sensible guidelines ensuring that you have good knowledge of how the weather will affect your chosen mark. Ensure you the correct landing equipment, use adequate tackle to land the fish you hook, were a life jacket, carry a quality head torch ( Have just bought a Fenix HM65R and have found it an excellent buy).