Bideford Angling Club – Christmas Competition

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Many thanks to Nathan Clements for his report on Bideford Angling Clubs very successful Christmas Open Competition.


I’d like to thank everyone who fished today we had 75 entries a brilliant turn out.

Thank you to all are sponsors we had a fantastic prize table we couldn’t of done it without you.

There were 29 prizes up for grabs including a massive prize draw.

1st C. Andrews .842g

2nd S. Bowden .830g

3rd H. Simmons .800g

4th T. Simmons .782g

5th B. Andrews .710g

6th J. Andrews .688g

7th A. Clements. 680g

8th R. Eavis .678g

9th S. Bowden .672g

10th M. Mudway .660g

11th N Clements .636g

12th A. Clements .634g

13th S. Found .618g

14th M. Horsham .616g

15th T. Simmons .594g

16th D. Pert snr .592g

17th J. Mayhew .586g

18th S. Boneha .573g

19th S. Taylor  .570g

20th I. Mcdonald .564g

21st B. Andrews . 558g

22nd D. Talbot  .548g

23rd S. Found  .548g

24th P. Hosgood .546g

25th D. Barrel .540g

26th G. Parsons .540g

27th D. Butler .536g

28th J. Mayhew .492g

29th S. Luxton .470g

Thanks again hope you all enjoyed the day and we will hopefully see you all again next year.

Flounder Competition – Round Up

It was an incredibly mild day for mid November and a perfect tide for the estuary. Several clubs held flounder competitions and a large number of anglers were spread out throughout the estuary at all of the tried and trusted venues. I was fortunate to tag along with my good friend and fellow club member Dan Welch and his young son Solly. Dan certainly found a good spot with Dan and Solly catching close to fifty flounder between them to 1lb 10oz.  I also enjoyed some good sport catching over a dozen flounder and a pleasing 4lb bass. One of the joys of flounder fishing is that it is perfect for dads and lads and families with big flounder likely to take anyones bait. No specialist tackle is required and no need to cast long distances. Just flick out a trace of ragworm and wait for that tell tale rattle on the rod tip. The estuary with its many wading birds, ever changing lights and shades is beguiling. I have added a few pics of the day after the results section.

Thank you to Nathan Clements for the Bideford results.

Cyril Petherick Memorial Competition results

1st Nick Braunton Flounder 1lb 12 1/2oz

2nd Andrew Clements Flounder 1lb 11 3/4oz

3rd Dick Talbot Flounder 1lb 11 1/4oz

Congratulations all its been a lovely day for it!!!!

47 angler’s fished a brilliant turn out with some reasonable fish caught 🎣 


We have an absolutely massive prize fund for this one so don’t miss it.

More details to follow this week.

All the best and tight lines 🎣

Braunton Small Boats – Annual Flounder Match

1st – Andy Henderson – flounder 1lb 6oz

2nd – Jeremy Long – flounder 1lb 1oz

3rd – Jack Philips – flounder 12oz

Combe Martin SAC – Flounder Competition

1st – Daniel Welch flounder 1lb 10oz

1st = Damiel Welch flounder 1lb 10oz

2nd – Daniel Welch & Solly Welch – flounder 1lb 9oz

Solly Welch – flounder 1lb 9oz
Daniel Welch flounder 1lb 10oz
Two at a time for young Solly Welch
School bass for Daniel Welch
A plump flounder for me
A pleasing double shot for Dan

4lb bass that gave a great account on light flounder gear.

A skien of Canada geese
Solly Welch with a good flounder

Bideford Sea Rover – Results

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Flounder dominated the November competition results for Bideford Angling Club. The flounder season has certainly been the best for several seasons with numerous flounder caught over the 2lb mark.
November Rover Results
14 angler’s 8 fish weighed
1st – Nathan Clements – Flounder 2lb 11/2oz 104.687%
2nd- Terry Dymond – Flounder 2lb 0 1/2oz 101.562%
3rd-  Nathan Clements Flounder 1lb 11 1/2oz 85.837%
4th – Julien Stainer – Flounder 1lb 9 1/2 79.687%
5th – Julien Stainer Flounder 1lb 9oz 78.125%
6th – Antony Smith  Flounder 1lb 8 1/2oz 76.562%

2lb Plus flounder

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David Jenkins caught a fine 2lb 3oz flounder on his latest session fishing the Taw estuary. Whilst the numbers of flatties being tempted may begin to drop off now the biggest fish of the season will come over the coming month leading up to Christmas.

Good Start to Flounder Season

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It’s been a good start to the flounder fishing season in the Taw estuary with plenty of quality flounder being tempted. These obliging flatfish offer relaxing fishing amidst the splendid scent of the estuary. Ian Laird caught four flounder over 1lb on light tackle the best 1lb 8oz.

Sea Angling Round Up

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Cooler temperatures a bit of fresh and the flounder season is well underway. Flattie fanatic David Jenkins has been targeting the Taw flatties catching close to 100 up to 1lb 8oz during a weeks fishing for his favourite fish. He also caught several bass with several over 3lb.

Steve Finn with a good sized Taw flounder.

Bideford Angling Clubs monthly Rover was dominated by flounder.

1st Julien Stainer – flounder 1lb 8.5oz 76.562%

2nd  Andy Sanders – flounder 1lb 7oz 71.875%

3rd Dick Talbot flounder – 1lb 5oz 65.625%

3rd Julien Stainer flounder –  1lb 5oz 65.625%

Appledore Ship-Builders

Fourteen members fished the clubs October rover. Andrew Atkinson was victorious with a Pouting of 1lb 3 1/4ozs. He also claimed second place with another Pouting of 1lb 1 1/4ozs. Michael Hammett was 3rd with another Pouting of 1lb 1oz.
 A reminder to club members that the Agm is on Friday 22nd. October. This will be held at The Royal Appledore 7pm start. Agenda will be emailed out to the members soon.
October is great month for the sea angler with a vast range of species available from both the estuary and the Open coast. The next two months offer the best chance of a double figure bass so I look forward to receiving a few reports from North Devons angling fraternity.