Spurdog Days

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Times they are a changing! There was a time twenty odd years ago when winter saw anglers flock to the North Devon Coast in search of big cod and in those far off days they were caught by those who put in the hours. With the demise in cod along the North Devon coast it is now spurdog that seem to be flourishing and providing the incentive for anglers to brave the cold nights. Unfortunately it is not just the spurdog that seem to have increased in numbers for their relative the humble Lesser spotted dogfish also seem to have increased in numbers as I found out last night when I hoped for a spurdog and wound in numerous LSD’s!

The last couple of weeks have seen numerous spurdog landed in addition to Michael Toogoods stunning haul of eight reported earlier this week.

Top tips for spurdog – Deep water, whiting shoals and use fish baits with a wire trace hook size 4/0 to 6/0…


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