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Combe Martin SAC member Kevin Legge used his extensive local knowledge to find a mark that was both productive and sheltered  from the gale force winds that were battering the North Devon coast. This handsome small eyed ray of 8lb 11oz was tempted using an Ammo Launce and squid cocktail.


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Bideford Angling Club – 24 hour Sea Rover results

1st Nathan Clements Whiting 1lb 5 1/2 89.583%

2nd Andrew Clements Thornback Ray 7lb 13 1/2 87.153%

3rd Tarrant Wotton Flounder 1lb 11 84.375%

(Below) Olie Passmore, Kody Chugg  and Alex Milton enjoyed  a great nights fishing from local North Devon marks. Olie Passmore had a stunning PB Codling of 6lb and a 4lb 12oz… also a 16lb 5oz conger, plus a small eyed ray. Kody Chugg also had this codling of 3lb 4oz and  Alex had a conger of 15lb 8oz. and all fish caught on launce and squid and mackerel baits. It also proves that there is plenty of stuff to be caught at this time of year as well.

(Below)Toby Bassett is aiming to catch as many species as possible and made a great start using LRF tactics on Ilfracombe Pier.

Focus Group on Special Places on the Northern Devon Coast

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I am posting this information on North Devon Angling News as anglers are important stakeholders in regards to the North Devon Coast and most have a deep appreciation for its beauty and natural diversity.

Focus Group on Special Places on the Northern Devon Coast

Local residents in Northern Devon are invited to take part in a Focus Group about Special Places on the Northern Devon Coast. The focus group is part of a wider study, being undertaken by Collingwood Environmental Planning (CEP) and ABPmer, on behalf of the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).

The focus group will be held in Barnstaple on Thursday 6th June 2019 at 7pm.

The purpose of the focus group is to gather feedback from local residents (adults aged 18 or over) on their experiences and perceptions of places on the Northern Devon coast which they consider to be special and to explore the reasons why. This information will be used to help the Marine Maritime Organisation (MMO) to understand how coastal views contribute to enjoyment of the coast so they can consider this in future planning and projects.

The focus group will last a total of 2 hours, and light refreshments will be available. As a thank you, a £50 cash incentive will be provided to participants upon completion of the session.

To register your interest to participate in a Focus Group please email: Sian Morse-Jones at [email protected] as soon as possible.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, there is still time to complete the online Survey on Special Places on the Northern Devon Coast, which is live until Friday May 31st 2019, by clicking the link here: https://vision.abpmer.net/seascape/map

Spurdog Days

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Times they are a changing! There was a time twenty odd years ago when winter saw anglers flock to the North Devon Coast in search of big cod and in those far off days they were caught by those who put in the hours. With the demise in cod along the North Devon coast it is now spurdog that seem to be flourishing and providing the incentive for anglers to brave the cold nights. Unfortunately it is not just the spurdog that seem to have increased in numbers for their relative the humble Lesser spotted dogfish also seem to have increased in numbers as I found out last night when I hoped for a spurdog and wound in numerous LSD’s!

The last couple of weeks have seen numerous spurdog landed in addition to Michael Toogoods stunning haul of eight reported earlier this week.

Top tips for spurdog – Deep water, whiting shoals and use fish baits with a wire trace hook size 4/0 to 6/0…

Ross Stanway – 11lb 10oz

15977422_1753997131293277_4475001582153190503_nOllie Passmore 9lb 4oz

16114346_1189222231114359_1672615354783991472_nDan Miles Redmore 11lb 1oz

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News from the coast

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Daniel Welch fished a local rock mark to land a specimen conger eel scaling 20lb 12oz. The eel was one of several and was significant in that it had a bite mark that had partially severed its tail. Likely candidates are seals, tope or shark?

15284048_10154606267785560_693102248866085419_n15284038_10154606267825560_616599961698835370_n While most sea anglers are targetting big fish from the coast with baits Jeremy Johnson and Antony Jestin followed a hunch and set out with their lure rods and enjoyed some fine sport landing nine bass between 2lb and 2lb 8oz. Nothing big but a great catch at this time of the year when most anglers have put such tackle away. In these times of changing climate it is vital that anglers experiment and try to think outside of the conventional. Fish according to the prevailing conditions, challenge normality and experiment.