Carp on the feed at Stafford Moor

Beatties has been fishing exceptionally well over the past week as South Westerly Winds blow in. ! Paul Combes put 5 ton of chalk into the lake  to break down the silt and adjust the pH levels and since then the lake has been on top form.

Lodge lake is presently closed as improvement work is underway in preparation for the season ahead.

Below are a few carp caught in recent days.

( Below) Callum Darcey who had a new personal Best of 22lb from the summer house swim using Bait Works scent from hell boilies.

(Below)Jack Lord who had out 6 fish in 24 hours from the dam wall on Beattie’s up to 27lb 6oz using Mainline Cell boilies.

( Below)Charlie Elliot and Keith Green had 14 fish out between them up to 23lb 8oz . They were fishing on the beach swim on Beattie’s lake .Charlie was fishing using Sticky Baits krill pop ups and Keith was using fish it Baits coconut cream (carp mafia clothing ) both had a fab session


Beattie’s personal best(Short lived) for Steve Pinn of 23Ib on Dynamite tutti frutti (testing for Jo) balanced with plastic corn. This was the biggest of a 7 fish catch with good mate Keith Maker who had 4 fish including the 22 pounder on a manila wafter bait.

(Below) keith Maker

(Below)Steve and Keith  Maker revisited the Moor after their above haul – Steve Pinn Personal Best  changed again 24Ib. Steve and Keith Maker had 12 fish to 27Ib 12oz.