Stafford Moor Sunday Open

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The Sunday Open on Tanners lake was fished in heavy rain and gusting wind. Despite this  Mark Lazelle put together a winning net of 106lb 6oz  fishing 11mm pellet down the edge and cage feeder.

  1. MARK LAZELLE Peg 18 Tanners: 106lbs 6oz
  2. MARTIN HEARD Peg 35 Tanners: 69lbs 7oz
  3. MAL KING Peg 11 Tanners: 56lbs 6oz
  4. DUNCAN EDWARDS Peg 34 Tanners: 55lbs 11oz
  5. KEV OSBOURNE Peg 27 Tanners: 47lbs 0oz
  6. KEV SHEARS Peg 25 Tanners: 43lbs 7oz
  7. NATHAN UNDERWOOD Peg 6 Tanners: 38lbs 7oz
  8. ZAC NEWTON Peg 36 Tanners: 32lbs 13oz
  9. TONY BURSLEM Peg 1 Tanners: 31lbs 14oz
  10. IAN GRAY Peg 9 Tanners: 29lbs 2oz
  11. JOHN LACY Peg 13 Tanners: 28lbs 14oz
  12. MARK HAYMAN Peg 3 Tanners: 28lbs 12oz
  13. PHILL COLES Peg 32 Tanners: 11lbs 1oz