Amazing Silver nets at Stafford Moor

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The winner of the Silvers festival at Stafford Moor was Des Shipp (PRESTON INNOVATIONS) who had only 5 points !  In second place was Adam Lee with 8 points and In third  Richard James with 9 points.   Some amazing silver fish nets weights during the five day festival a total of 3360lb which is an average of 23lb per angler per day.

Day 1


1st  DES SHIP Peg 11 Pines: 54lbs 8oz

2nd PAUL BURCKETT Peg 9 Pines: 50lbs 0oz

3rd  GARY SMITH Peg 10 Pines: 43lbs 1

Day 2


1st  ZAC NEWTON Peg 10 Pines: 40lbs 14oz

2nd MARK TAYLOR Peg 8 Pines: 39lbs 3oz

3rd ADAM LEE Peg 12 Pines: 38lbs 6oz

Day 3


1st  PETE BENNETT Peg 14 Pines: 43lbs 3oz

2nd RICHARD JAMES Peg 11 Pines: 38lbs 14oz

3rd  DES SHIP Peg 13 Tanners: 38lbs 10oz

Day 4


1st  BRUCE HUNT Peg 9 Pines: 61lbs 12oz

2nd KEITH NEEDHAM Peg 10 Pines: 52lbs 3oz

3rd  ADAM LEE Peg 12 Pines: 50lbs 13oz

A fine net of Stafford Silvers