Some superb carp catches at Stafford Moor

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Joel Davis who had 11 fish in 24 hours up to 24lb on the inlet swim on Beattie’s lake using Mainline cell boilies.

Tom Downing(Above) and friend Andy Sanders(Below) with a couple of there 6 catches up on lodge lake in a 24 hour session using bait tech triple N15mm & 10mm boilies.
Toms fish was 20lb 10oz and Andys was 18lb 7oz
(Above) Jason Shipway  had 6 fish out up to 26lb from the beach swim on Beattie’s lake using Mainline cell boilies .
(Above)Jason Barrett and friend Neil Duckett who fished up on the dam wall on lodge lake , they had 63 fish out between them in 4 days up to 24lb 3oz using Sticky Baits krill and also Manilla boilies.