Carp Galore at the Moor!

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The carp catches just keep on coming from Stafford Moor with Lodge Lake producing some stunning hauls of carp. A reminder to all who fish at the Moor it is a barb-less hook only venue. Fishery’s have every right to set rules that protect the valuable fish that swim within their waters. Fish care has progressed hugely in recent decades with unhooking mats and anti septic lotions now mandatory on most venues. A far cry from the days when the more caring anglers used old cushions etc to unhook fish. It would be great if one of the carp anglers out there could write a short article on fish care for this site?

Chrissy Waring AKA carp buster (one of them) who fished Stafford Moors Lodge Lake with husband Geoff. They were there for a day session in the double swim  fishing with mainline cell boilies they had 6 fish out up to 25lb 8oz (Chrissy caught the 25lb 8oz )

Beth Mann fished Stafford Moors her 13th birthday and caught a 17lb 6oz mirror using tutti frutti boilie’s from a swim near the entrance to the spit  on lodge lake.(Below)

James Sandford  had 8 fish up to 16lb from the last swim on the dam wall on Lodge lake using hinders test bait nut 366 and Sticky Manilla boilies & Atlantic heat all with a sprinkling of particles. ( Below)

Rob Bradley who had 6 fish up to 23lb 8oz on lodge lake using squid supreme goo soaked boilies over sweetcorn.(Below)Harry Collins (Haribo) who lives local , he had 8 fish out up to 17lb 4oz from the dam wall on lodge lake using Sticky Baits Manilla boilies.(Below)