Open Match Report From Stafford Moor

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Report From Joanne at Stafford Moor

Stafford Moor Fishery in Dolton,

we have just weighed the guys for our open match with 35 guys fishing on Tanners and Woodpecker. It was soooooooo cold today my hands are numb ! and that’s just weighing in !! Had a continental payout today .Our top weight of the day was from Gary Mealing peg 3 on Tanners lake with 205lb 2oz fishing 8mm pellet on the wag shallow well done Gal !

2nd place was Nigel Rhodes peg 10 on Woodpecker with 140lb 4oz

3rd place was Mark Layzelle peg 1 tanner with 193lb 1oz

4th place was Martin Heard peg 17 Woodpecker with 136lb 9oz

5th place was Mike Ogorman peg 34 Tanners with 161lb 11oz

6th place was Richard James peg 2 Woodpecker with 127lb 5oz

Section winners were :
Tanners Dave Stockton peg 6 Tanners with 157lb 2oz & Tony Burslem peg 35 with 125lb 3oz

Woodpecker Paul Goulding peg 8 Woodpecker with 89lb 11oz & Roger Crago peg 16 Woodpecker with 78lb 15oz