Stafford Moor Carp Catches

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(Above) Adam Hilton  had 6 fish  up to 20lb on the Dam wall of lodge lake using Mainline cell boilies.

(Above) Chris Down had 5 fish  up to 21lb 6oz from the summerhouse swim on Beattie’s lake using CC Moore NS1 14mm pink and Jarzys fruit & nut boilies.

(Above)Rhys James  had 5 fish up to 20lb from the inlet swim on Beattie’s lake using Sticky Baits Krill boilies and also squid& Octopus.

(Above) Joshua Vernon fished with his son Charlie who fished on Albert square on Lodge lake who had 4 fish  in 24 hours up to 20lb 4oz using Sticky Baits Krill boilies

Gary Harding who had 6 fish out in 24 hours , beat his pb 3 times in one session using Sticky Baits Manilla boilies up to 28lb 13oz on the beach swim on Beattie’s lake

Frank Hayden(Above) and (Below) dad Lee Hayden with a couple of there 10 catches from the dam wall on Beatties lake up to 28lb 5oz fishing with matrix duster.