Stafford Moor Carp Fishing

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(Below )A Lake booking up on lodge lake social organised by Gavin Lynch saw the guys bank a total of 37 fish  with a total weight of 770lb ! This included several new personal bests  Including Chris larners new pb of 30lb 3oz.

(Below) Charlie O Connor who smashed his personal best  with a 33lb 4oz beauty from the inlet swim on Beatties lake , Charlie was using Mainline cell, Sticky baits Manilla and our house pellets.

Stafford Moor – In Fine Carp Form

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(Below) Oakley Hunt and his dad Warren fished on beach 1 on lodge lake. They banked 7 fish with dad Warren having a new personal best of 27lb 12oz.
All fish were caught on Sticky baits krill and Manilla boilies.
(Below) Michael Stevens, Ben Palmer & Sam Reed  had a few carp out from swims 12 and 13 on the spit up on lodge lake. All fish caught on CC Moore live system and LDM baits.
(Below) Ross Mckee who fished up on the dam wall on lodge lake. Ross had 5 fish out which included 3 new pbs up to 26lb 2oz. Ross caught on Mainline cell and Essencial cell boilies and Sticky baits krill boilies.
(Below) Steve West banked 12 fish from the inlet swim on Beatties lake up to 26lb 8oz all fish caught on 15mm Mainline cell boilies & yellow pop ups.
(Below) Adam Gunn and Lee Jamesfished up on fraggle rock (swim 8 up on lodge lake) Adam had a fish 28lb 1oz caught on Stucky Baits Krill boilies and house pellets, Lee James had 2 fish up to 25lb & caught on Sticky baits Manilla boilies and house pellets.
(Below) Harvey Chmberlain who had 28 fish out from the silver birch lodge situated on Beatties specimen lake All fish caught on mad baits Wicked White and Asbo up to 29lb 10oz.

Stafford Moor Carp – Catches Latest

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Jack Lord  banked four fish out in 24 hours from the gap swim 4 up on lodge lake all fish caught on Mainline cell boilies.

(Below) Sam White  fished on Beatties lake swim 1. Sam had 2 fish out caught on high attract pop ups & Mainline essencial IB Boilies.

(Below) Tim Vick who fished  on lodge lake on swim 13 ,Tim had 4 fish out caught using solid bags and wafters.

(Below) Dan Peirce, Ian Sharp, Ian Moore, Adam Berry and also Pete Penfold who had a 30lb stunner out (6 fish in total for Pete) the guys also had a few out from lodge lake.

Stafford Moor Carp Fishing Reopens after Winter Rest

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Stafford Moor has reopened after a short Winter Break and anglers have enjoyed some great sport with the venues specimen carp.

Nigel Bassett  had a fine  29lb 4oz mirror carp out from the spit up on Lodge Lake last weekend using PVA bags.

(Below) Scott Allan tempted 11 fish from the inlet swim on Beatties lake all caught on mainline cell boilies.

(Below) Dave Faulkner (muzzy) who had a few out from Lodge lake he caught on bait Craft snowball.

Thirties from Stafford Moor In fine form

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(Below) Bruce Julian and his friend Gary fished up on swims 6 (the outlet) and swim 1 the double (3 islands) and Albert square. They 12 fine carp , Bruce had a 30lb mirror and Gary now has a new personal best of 31lb 4oz mirror all caught on Mainline cell boilies

(Below) Gary Challinder  fished with son Aaron Challinder  on the beach swim on Beatties lake. Gary now has a lake record of 36lb huge well done to you Gary who caught on Vader baits and had 8 fish out , also Son Aaron also had 8 fish out too up to 25lb 8oz.

(Below) Phil Holt caught 17 fish out up to 30lb 2oz from the beach swim on Beatties lake. Phil was fishing with Vader baits Satan.

Fifty Three Pound Carp

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Matt Jacques has smashed his PB by a massive 16lb. Matt banked the lakes biggest resident at a weight of 53lb!
Matt returned to Anglers Paradises Kracking Carp Lake with Joe Drury for their second social of the year.
Joe was rudely awoken by a head torch at 2am with Matt trying to get the message across that he had a fish in the net! On inspection they realised Matt had only gone and landed ‘Silverback’, the lakes largest resident. It’s only the second time it’s been caught this year, and both times falling to the mighty Monster Tiger Nut range by Dynamite Baits!!
Anglers Paradise


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Massive congratulations to Sam Passmore 27, from Plymouth who felt he had the fishing gods looking over him when he caught a personal best 44lb 4oz Mirror known as Parrot and a 29lb 13oz Mirror.
Both Carp were caught using 18mm Krill wafters from Nirvana’s Kracking Carp Lake.
Anglers Paradise


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Torridge Carp Lakes opened earlier this spring and have been producing some quality fish to over 30lb. Contact details below.
Torridge Carp Lakes
Brookfield farm
Little Torrington
 Shepherds and Old meadow lake are a pay as you go day ticket lakes (NO PREBOOKING)
£25 per 24hours (unlimited stay)
Tickets are on site and to be filled in and posted through the letterbox
Updates on swim availability will be every Morning and evening via Facebook page.