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Below is a post from Bulldog Fisherys near Barnstaple  who appear to have been victim to the scurge of keyboard warriors on Social media. The internet and social media spread gossip and false stories rapidly and those who fail to catch often invent the craziest of tales to explain their lack of success. I once fished a lake where nobody caught and was told that the water had been spiked with soap to put the fish off the feed! There are a thousand and one reasons why fish are not caught and the vast majority are simply bad angling.
Clearing up a few rumuors a post from Nigel Early at Bulldog 

Good morning everyone! It has come to our attention that a couple rumours regarding our carp lake have been circulating the local anglers.  Now, we don’t usually pay any attention to the general gossip/drama that inevitably takes place in the industry. However, we have now received contact from several concerned anglers asking what happened. So to avoid having to explain countless times we’d like to set the record straight…

Word has been spread that whilst we drained/netted the lake to extract the bream last month, we had some sort of disaster resulting in a lot of fish dying or not being returned to the lake. THIS IS TOTAL RUBBISH!
Whilst the work was taking place, the only issue we encountered was that the lake didn’t drain out quite as planned, a definite inconvenience at the time but far from a disaster.
We can say with 100% certainty that every carp removed from our lake was returned with ZERO casualties! With the exception of 5 fish that we decided wasn’t up to the standard we wanted for the lake. These 5 fish are being replaced as of November this year.
Please feel free to share this post as much as possible to help squish these daft rumors that I can only imagine have come from an industrial size game of whispers!
We look forward to the constant progress the fishery is on! And can’t wait to see what the future holds 🎣🎣

🎣 Tight lines everyone

( Above) Ongoing improvements
The latest twenty

(Below) there’s plenty of trout between 2lb and 5lb being caught from the trout lakes.

Bulldog carp to 31lb

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Bulldogs Carp lake this week has  been challenging with the recent temperature drop and atrocious weather the anglers had their work cut out.

After a wet and wild Thursday night, Rob and Ernie targeted the deeper water on the road side and finally a few fish came out Using boilie hook baits over a steady trickle of the house pellet seven fish were banked

the biggest being a 31lb common.

New Stock for North Devon’s South West Lakes Trust Waters

South West Lakes –
Title: New Stock Added


Jennett’s has been stocked with 19 new additions to the lake! 15 mirrors between 16 -18lb and 4 bigger mirrors to just over 23lb

Darracott has received a boost in stocks in 2023, to ensure there is a great future of sport in the lake for years to come. 72 fish have been added all together to 23lb. This should be a good venue over the winter to get a few bites and keep you busy on the bank!

Melbury has received 4 new additions to the lake to improve an already impressive stock. Two mirrors were added from from the Roadford lake carp removals, both of these were doubles and two fish were added from Lana springs carp farm (19 and 20 Plus). These are stunning fish and will no doubt be target fish for the future!




South West Lakes Trust – Partner with Catch

Message from South West Lakes Trust

Hello fellow anglers

We’re very excited to tell you that we have partnered with Catch to be our fishery management and booking partner.

From 16 November 2023 day tickets will only be available through Catch. Season tickets remain bookable through our website, but will be available through Catch from next year.

Catch are giving our season ticket holders a six-month free subscription so you can book day tickets via the app and enjoy the other benefits. If you already have a Catch account this will automatically be applied. If you don’t, Catch will be sending you an email shortly with details on how to access and begin your free subscription.

Download the Catch app from App Store or Google Play, create a free account and take advantage of all the great features straight away:

  • Interactive lake maps
  • Masses of information at your fingertips
  • Receive catch reports, news and events in real-time
  • Upload your own catch reports directly to our fishery pages
  • Book your next session days, weeks or even months in advance
  • Receive automatic reminders when your next session is due

… and much more!

These guys know what they are doing and have your (and our) best interests at heart. They’ve made the platform easy for everyone to use and we strongly believe that we’ve made the very best decision possible: by partnering with Catch we’ve brought our fishery administration bang up to date which will, in turn, benefit you as an angler.

We appreciate you may have questions so feel free to contact us directly or the Catch team at [email protected] for more information. There is also a live chat option on the Catch website.

Thank you
Head of Angling

South West Lakes Trust Mainline Pairs Competition

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Its all over and what a mornings fishing at the climax of South West lakes Mainline Baits Pairs Competition. it was in peg 34 for Mike Toms and Aaron Rundle, starting the morning down in 6th place. Two runs this morning changed everything with a 20lb 1oz mirror and a 18lb 3oz common, shooting them up to the top place with 52lb 11oz. They take home the £2000 first prize.
Stefan Dziadulewicz in peg 30 fished incredibly well on his own coming second with 40lb 04oz. He takes £1000 prize money for his efforts.
Rich Harman and Richie Eaton in peg 28 hold on to 3rd place with 38lb 13oz to bag the £500 prize.
Section winners were:
Section One – Nige Woods and Rich Ford
Section 2 – Matt Pepperell and Chris Hudson
Section 3- Chis Budd and Chris Wadge
Section 4 – Nick Harvey and Stuart Rann
A massive Thank you to Mainline Baits for sponsoring the event, all the bailiffs and volunteers for helping with the marshalling, cafe for food and everyone that took part.
We will announce dates for next year so keep your eyes peeled for the announcements.
That’s it now for this years South West Lakes Trust Mainline pairs competition. We look forward to welcoming you next year.

Carp Fishing – Stafford Moor

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BIlly Grant tempted this fine mirror carp  on lodge lake at  30lb 2oz it is a new personal best.

Hi all here is a message just sent from ‘French Dave’ thank you for your kind words  good to see you again
“Back home after another great week at the only venue I fish, why go anywhere else!! I managed to catch 21 carp of which 9 were over 20lbs and the largest were both just over 28lbs a mirror and a common. Prettiest fish of the week a superb looking linear weighing 23lbs and photos below of the linear and the 2 biggest fish. Already looking forward to my next visit before the end of September. I am always made very welcome by Jo, Paul, Millie and Wayne, thank you guys and the way the fishery is maintained is exceptional!!”