Seasons through the lens

Steve Pinn spends many hours fishing for carp mostly at Stafford Moor and he combines his fishing with his love of photography. I asked Steve if he would put a few words together and share some of his stunning images. These illustrate the real joy of fishing and carp fishing in particular where the angler is within the environment letting the seasons and days roll by  observing each changing mood as the world revolves.

Through the lens by the Steve Pinn the BIvvy Tramp!

When “bivvy’d up” for several nights in the heart of the beautiful Devon countryside, I’ve always said that catching a fish is a bonus. Carp fishing is a waiting game, one that can keep you awake all hours but one that allows you to see and hear things that not everyone is privileged enough to witness. Magenta sunrises, sunsets, cloud formations, changing seasons and all manner of natural splendor never fail to delight and, for me, capturing those moments is just as important as the ‘trophy carp shot’. You really don’t need the best camera in the world, I use my iPhone just as much as my Canon SLR, but to not record more than just your latest catch when you are surrounded by such a visual feast would, to me, be a tragedy. Get snapping, you won’t regret it.