Little Warham – 18lb Torridge Salmon

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The latest catch report from the picturesque Little Warham fishery on the River Torridge

Our latest catch by John Graham here yesterday.

John Graham’s perseverance was rewarded yesterday with this fine salmon, after having several fish not quite making the net earlier in the season at Little Warham. The pictured fresh run fish measured in at 35.5 inches, believed to be in the region of 18lbs. Despite the unfavourably low water levels and sunny conditions, John managed to successfully land this wonderful fish alone and release it again safely.

The following is a quote directly from John:

“The fish took the fly @ about 4:50. In a micro-second, I was down to the backing, with the fish heading for the sea. It was impossible to hold, and twice more it stripped the line nearly to the end of the backing. The only way to stop it was to run down the river bank. To say it was an epic fight is an understatement, especially when I was only on 12 pound breaking strain. In the end, it came in and after cradling it in the water for 3-4 minutes it swam powerfully away. What made it all the more satisfying, is that it took a fly that I had recently tied”.