Stafford Moor Carp on the feed!

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The carp catches continue from the ever prolific Stafford Moor!

(Above)Norman Martin who has 3 fish out up to 22lb 2oz from the summerhouse swim on Beattie’s lake using Mainline Cell boilies

Jay Foat who had 4 fish  up to 26lb 8oz on Mainline cell and Sticky Baits krill boilies from the beach swim on Beattie’s lake.

Brinn Jones who had 13 fish out up to 22lb 9oz up on Albert Square on Lodge lake using Nash boilies & Sticky Baits krill pop ups in a day Session !

(Above) Wilder Van Koutrik age 9 who caught several fish  up to 15lb 4oz using squid wafter who fished up on the dam wall on lodge lake.

(Above) Tim Vick who  17 fish out up on lodge lake up to 26lb in 48 hours using Sticky Baits Manilla boilies.