Carping In Paradise

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PB COMMON FROM THE KRACKING CARP LAKE! Steve Elsbury, 34 from Holsworthy caught a New Personal Best 38lb Common from the Kracking Carp Lake! It’s the 1st time this year that one of the ‘Original Commons’ has come out so it’s a pretty special catch!! This was Steve’s 3rd attempt on the Kracking Carp and after seeing several of the lakes residents over the last couple of weeks, he was over the moon when he managed to bank one on his 3rd attempt! Steve used CR baits Cr1 wafter over a bed of CR1 bottom baits.

(Below)OFF THE TOP! Ellis Titheridge, 37 from Kent, had plenty of stunning Carp off the surface using good old bread crust, he caught a 23lb Mirror and 21lb 6oz Mirror from the Main Carp Lake and also a 22lb 8oz Mirror from the Specimen Carp Lake using his treasured 50 year old Richard Walker Split Cane Rod and won Fish Of the week with this Scaley stunner from the Specimen Carp Lake!

(Below)Phil Burke, 35 from Eastbourne, caught 21lb 4oz and 26lb 6oz Mirrors both from the Main Carp Lake using Scopex Squid Boilies.

(Below)ANDY JOINS THE 40 AND 30 CLUB! 5C’s Member Andy Pickard, aka ‘Johnny Vegas’, 37, from Yorkshire can now join the 30’s and 40’s club after catching a 42lb 1oz Mirror and a 31lb 4oz Mirror from the Kracking Carp Lake. Andy caught the fish on double bottom baits ‘lucky 13’ and cream haze, using a baiting spoon to put the rigs in place after casting to the far bank.

(Below)James Howland, 23 from Tonbridge caught a New Personal Best 32lb 8oz Mirror from the Main Carp Lake using a Poacher Baits T&M 14mm Wafter.


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