Bideford’s Clive Baddick Joins winning Team

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Bideford based Clive Baddick qualified for the finals,of the civil service sports competition where they  fished the 6th of July.  The south West team won,3 boats 12 areas so 12 on a boat,simple the winner on a boat scored 1 point they had two boat winners and i come 4th so they scored 6 points, the second team had 11 points,the boats fished were supernova,skippered by Lyle Stantiford,top cat 2 ,and wild frontier 2 .The South West Team was Vernon Allen who won the individual competio. ,Mike Patton who one time was England manager, and Clive Baddick.

Mike Patten,Lyle Stantiford skipper supanova 11.Clive Baddick, and Vernon Allen.