Stafford Moor – Carp catchers Round up!

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As always there have been some bumper catches at the ever prolific Stafford Moor Fishery near Dolton where Joanne Combes and her family have invested to make this one of the countries top commercial carp waters.

Jack Griffiths and Dan Head who had 13 fish out using Sticky Baits Manilla and Krill boilies and also mainline cell. They fished up on lodge lake for 48 hours.

Carl Spear fished on the back bays on Beattie’s where he 7 fish  up to 21lb 5oz using CC Moore live system and fake corn and Mainline diamond whites.

Darren Palmer landed 18 fish in a 48 hour session up on lodge lake on the dam wall using Sticky Baits Krill boilies. Darren normally always fishes on Beattie’s but fancied a change and had a fabulous session.

Mark daughter Chloe and wife Emma Downing fished on the back bays of Beattie’s lake for 48 hours. They had 34 carp out in total (they had many out of Tanners too 😜) fishing Sticky Baits Manilla boilies. ( Below) Chloe Downing

(Below)Lee Galley (dad) with sons Nick and Brandon Galley. All fished up on lodge lake had over 20 fish between them using home made baits.

Carl Hutchison and Nikki Parker  fished up on lodge lake on the first double swim on the dam wall . They had 28 fish out between them and Nikki had a new personal best of 21lb using home made fruity boilies.