Bumper Weights at Stafford Moor

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There have been some stunning weights at Stafford Moor Recently with the cooler changeable weather encouraging the fish to feed hard.

The top six weights in Stafford Moors latest Mid week open all topped the ton with the top weight doubling this at 206lb 11oz.

1st  DEREK BRADSHAW Peg 6 Tanners: 206lbs 11oz

2nd  KEV OSBOURNE Peg 9 Woodpecker: 174lbs 9oz

3rd  ADAM PALMER Peg 20 Woodpecker: 139lbs 9oz

4th   ROB COOMBES Peg 20 Tanners: 122lbs 13oz

5th   MARTIN HEARD Peg 7 Woodpecker: 118lbs 5oz

6th   GEOFF WOODS Peg 18 Woodpecker: 103lbs 10oz

Sunday Open Match August 13th


1st  ROB COOMBES Peg 10 Woodpecker: 114lbs 8oz

2nd  SAM POWELL Peg 15 Tanners: 113lbs 12oz

3rd    DAVE STOCKTON Peg 12 Woodpecker: 100lbs 11oz