Pack away the rods last!

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Matt Whalley gives excellant account of his trip to Stafford Moor. ( Always pack the rods away last!)

A return visit to Stafford Moor Fishery after my recent trip a couple of weeks back was on the cards and this time we were booked onto Beaties.

The day started off very slow although a few carp were showing but with the temperature set to drop hard that night, I knew the bites could be tricky.

I set up with a good friend on the Summer House swim and deployed a few spombs of Deep Blue Particles Chilli Hemp Mix out onto my chosen spots. Not to much bait because of the time of year but enough to hopefully entice the carp to feed!

The weather forecast was spot on and a hard frost set in. The night was very quiet and the following day carried on along the same lines, with bites not coming!

The session was at an end and the pack down began before the trip back to Cornwall. As always leaving the rods laid on the ground, hoping for that last knocking bite and fortunately for me, this time it came!

This quality blank saver couldn’t resist a DBP NT1 Boilie on an Blowback Style Rig with a J Precision Hook at the business end! This made my trip home a little bit sweeter..