Appledore Shipbuilders Christmas Result

(Above)Heidi Green with a flounder caught in Appledore Shipbuilders Christmas Competition

Ragworm have been hard to dig this year which may have contributed to a slightly lower than normal attendance of twenty six in Appledore Shipbuilders Christmas Competition. Fishing was steady with only two members not being able to tempt a flounder and 55 fish brought back to the scales with the majority returned after being weighed. The winner of this year’s competition and taking home the trophy and the XL turkey was Terry Dymond who caught a fine flounder of 1lb 12, the runner up was Theresa Babb who pushed Terry close with a 1lb 11 1/8ozs, in third was David Langbridge with a flounder of 1lb 10 1/4ozs. Best fish by a Junior was Chelsea Babb with a flounder of 1lb 9 3/8ozs.