Michael Hammett won Appledore Shipbuilders December Rover with a whiting of 1lb 9.75oz. Josh Atkinson took second and third place with whiting of 1lb 7.25oz and 1lb 5oz.

Joan Cairns won Triple Hook Clubs Open Ladies Flounder Competition with a flounder of 1lb 7.5oz. Amber Chapel was runner up with a flounder of 1lb 5.5oz.

I visited Ilfracombe Pier last Sunday evening and attempted to catch a squid on a jig. After half an hour of casting and retrieving my confidence started to ebb. Persistence sometimes pays off  however and I eventually felt a strange weight on the line. I was delighted to swing a squid of perhaps 12oz onto the pier.

I was told that before I arrived several herring and mackerel had been tempted. It also seemed slightly surreal to watch a garfish swim past close to the surface. Mackerel and garfish were once considered to be summer fish but as sea anglers we are getting used to the blurring of the seasons. It seems that we should cast off the traditions and try to ring the changes to keep abreast of nature as climate change rewrites the rule books.


Bideford November’s Rover results

1st Stephen Found Flounder 2lb 4oz 112.4%

2nd Jon Stevens Thornback Ray  101.041%

3rd joint Andrew Clements  & Stephen Found Flounder 1lb 13 1/2 92.187%

Appledore Shipbuilders Monthly Sea Rover Results

15 members fished the November Rover today.

Some challenging conditions both at sea and In the rivers but most anglers managed to find a few fish. Reports of a lot of tiny bass pinching the baits for the people targetting Flounders and several flounders caught around the 1lb mark.

Best Flounder weighed in was 1lb 10 1/2ozs which wasn’t quite big enough to place.

Winner today was Josh Atkinson with a Bull Huss of 9lb 8ozs. Josh also managed to take 2nd place with another Huss of 9lb 3 3/4ozs.

Andrew Atkinson picked up the final place also with a Bull Huss of 8lb 9 1/4ozs.

Barnstaple Triple Hook Club Open Flounder – Result

1st Mario Manley – Flounder 1lb 77/8oz

2nd Mark Hancock flounder 1lb 73/4oz

3rd – Robbie Hancock – Flounder 1lb 51/4oz

Sea Angling Club Results

Bideford Angling Club 
July’s Rover results
1st Stephen Found thicklipped mullet 4lb 13 121.094%
2nd Jon Stevens  Spotted Ray 3lb 11 1/2 82.638%
Appledore Shipbuilders – July Rover
12 Anglers fished the July Rover .Andrew Atkinson was victorious with a cracking Smoothound of 15lb 111/4ozs. Michael Hammett was second with a fine Smoothound of 11lb 2ozs and Andrew Atkinson was third with another specimen Smoothound of 10lb 7ozs.

Appledore Shipbuilders EASTER Competition Result

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Appledore Shipbuilders  Easter cup was run this year for the first time as a multi day event .David Atkinson won the trophy with a 2lb 4oz Dogfish. Just pipping a 5lb 14oz Cod which was a nice surprise for Andrew Atkinson at this time of year. “Spring codling are frequently caught at this time of year, but this is the best one I’ve had in a long time”.


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Calmer conditions have resulted in a down turn in sea angling sport with specimen fish hard to find over the past week. Despite this some good fish were recorded by anglers fishing the first week of February a time of year when catches traditionally start to decline. The seasons and the migration of fish in our waters is without doubt under going change with reports of mackerel from Ilfracombe in the past week and the presence of grey mullet throughout the calendar year.

Appledore Shipbuilders

Thirteen Anglers fished the February rover today. It made a change to have nice weather for the rover after the last few competitions.
Although there was an easterly wind!
Kevin Pike was victorious with a fabulous Bull Huss of 11lb 7ozs. James Atkinson was second catching a fine Small Eyed Ray of 7lb 5 1/2ozs and 3rd was Chris Boon with a big Dogfish of 2lb 11 1/2ozs.

Bideford Angling Club  -February Rover Results 

1st Antony Smith Bull Huss 7lb 9oz 75.625%

2nd Andrew Clements Dog 2lb 3oz 72.916%

Combe Martin Sea Angling Club – Winter Rover 2 Results

Club seceretary Nick Phillips won with a specimen whiting scaling 1lb 10oz. Runner up was Wayne Thomas with dogfish of 2lb 8oz.

Whiting, dogfish, spotted ray and conger were also caught by members who fished marks across North Devon.

Appledore Shipbuilders – December Result

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Thirteen fished the December rover today. Fishing was tough in the fresh NE Wind. Josh Atkinson won with a fine specimen Whiting of 1lb 11ozs. James Atkinson was second with a Whiting of 1lb 6 1/4ozs and Josh also secured third with another Whiting of 1lb 6ozs.
Several reported that Flounders seemed hard to find today with only one submitted at the weigh in.
James also caught an old warrior which was returned back to the sea after a quick photo and weighing. It pulled the scales to 8lb 3ozs!

SEA ANGLING – Competition Results

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Eight club members braved heavy showers and strong winds to fish in Appledore Shipbuilders November Rover.
Michael Hammett won with a beautiful Bass of 8lb 13ozs. Second was David Langbridge with a Flounder of 1lb 11 3/4ozs and Steve Ford was third with a Flounder of 1lb 9 1/2ozs.
No fish were registered in Bideford Angling Clubs monthly Rover where a 70% qualifying rule applies.
Combe Martin SAC are hosting an Open Sea competition this coming Saturday and with improving weather forecast there should be some good fish registered. Several specimen conger have been tempted from the Open coast in recent weeks and could feature in the competition result with bass, ray, huss, flounder and grey mullet all worth targetting.

Bideford Angling Club Sea Rover

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Bideford Sea Rover October rover results 

1st Antony Smith Thornback Ray 12lb 8oz  138.888%

2nd Nathan Clements Bull Huss 8lb 14 1/2oz  89.062%

3rd Andrew Clements Thornback Ray 7lb 10oz  84.722%

Appledore Shipbuilders Rover
Only 10 Anglers turned out today for the last competition of the season.
Weather was awful to start the day but it fined away nice through the day.
Winner today was Andrew Atkinson with a fine Trigger Fish of 2lb 14ozs. The only other fish weighed in was a 14oz Mackerel also caught by Andrew
Appledore Shipbuilders AGM will be held on Friday 21st October at The Royal In Appledore 7:30 start.

Bideford Angling Club – Monthly Rover

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Bideford – July Rover results 

13 fished 5 fish registered

1st Richard Jefferies  smoothhound 12lb 5oz 123.125%

2nd Andrew Clements smoothhound 11lb 6oz 113.750%

3rd Andrew Clements thicklipped mullet 4lb 1 1/2oz 102.344%

4th Terry Dymond smoothhound 9lb 11oz 96.875%

5th Antony Smith thicklipped mullet 3lb 5 1/2oz 83.594%

Appledore Shipbuilders JULY ROVER

12 Anglers fished the July Rover today.
Several Smoothounds were caught, weighed and released with the photos and weights presented at the weigh in. In fact only Smoothounds were recorded at the weigh in!
Many anglers reported large catches of Smoothounds today with a lot of fish around the 6lb mark.
First place went to Terry Dymond with one of 9lb 11ozs.
Martyn John was second with another of 9lb 9ozs and Andrew Atkinson 3rd with his best one weighing 9lb 6 1/2ozs.