Latest Sea Angling Results

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Appledore Shipbuilders Boat Competition

Seven anglers in 3 different boats fished the 1st Appledore Shipbuilders Boat competition of this year.
Winner was David Atkinson with a Bull Huss of 14lb 4ozs. Second and Third with Huss of 13lb 10ozs and 11lb 5ozs was Olly Whitmore.

Bideford Angling Club

Aprils 24 hour results
Eleven angler’s fished with one fish caught
1st Julien Stainer – Small Eyed Ray 9lb 9oz 106.250%

Sea Angling Round-up

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Appledore Shipbuilders

11 members fished Appledore Shipbuilder’s April Rover and three fish were registered at the weigh in.
Andrew Atkinson secured the top three places with a ballan wrasse of 3lb 8.5oz and a brace of 2lb dogfish.

Bideford Angling Club 

April Rover results

1st Antony Smith Small Eyed Ray 8lb 1oz 89.583%

2nd Elliot Clements Dogfish 1lb 15 1/4oz  65.104%

Combe Martin SAC

Wayne Thomas took top spot in Combe Martin SAC’s April Rover with a boat caught small eyed ray of 7lb. Nick Phillips was runner up with a thick lipped grey mullet of 2lb 3.5oz.


Hopefully with the oncoming Spring and warmer temperatures sport will start to pick up along the coast. Smoothound will be caught from all the familiar marks over coming weeks along with a few bass. The estuary will be well worth trying for bass and mullet with the chance of gilthead bream.

Small eyed ray will be worth targeting from surf beaches with Woolacombe and Putsborough favourites.

Thick lipped grey mullet are already being caught from local harbours and offer excellent sport on light tackle.

Fly Fishing in saltwater is growing in popularity with bass and grey mullet offering some exciting and at times challenging opportunities from the estuary and local surf beaches.

Sea Angling Results

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Bideford Angling Clubs twenty-four rover resulted in just one fish being registered at the end of the match. A dogfish scaling 1lb 15.75oz to the rod of Nathan Clements.

Appledore Shipbuilders February Rover was equally uninspiring with Josh Atkinson registering the winning fish a dogfish of 2lb.

Spring is often a lean time for the sea angler with winter species departing and fish of the warmer months yet to arrive. Early bass and ray could be worth targeting with bull huss likely from rock marks.

Sea Angling Weekend Competition Round up

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Sea anglers faced a stormy weekend that impacted heavily upon local shore competitions. Bideford Angling Club and Appledore Shipbuilders both had fixtures on Sunday where members braved the strong winds and heavy rain to no avail with nil fish registered in either competition.

Combe Martin SAC members fished a weekend long competition that enabled members to embrace Saturdays more favourable conditions. Kevin Legge took the top two places in the match with bull huss of 9lb 12oz and 8lb 10oz. I took third place with a winter mullet of 2lb 12oz.

It is clear that thick lipped grey mullet are present in waters around the South-West throughout the year. When I first started fishing for mullet over forty years ago these fish were considered to be a fish of the warmer months. It is now apparent that they can be caught in every month of the year throughout the South-West.

Targeting winter mullet in the cold light of dawn.

SEA ANGLING – Christmas Competition Round Up

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Triple Hook Turkey flounder Open

Joan Cairns won Triple Hook Clubs Christmas Turkey Open with a fine flounder scaling 2lb 1.75oz. The competition attracted 42 competitors. The top ten competitors listed below all took home a turkey.

1st – Joan Cairns – flounder 2lb 1.75oz

2nd – Dennis Toleman – flounder 1lb 10.75oz

3rd – Mark Beer – flounder  1lb 8.2oz

4th – Martin T – flounder 1lb 7.75oz

5th – Peter Squires -flounder 1lb 7oz

6th – Damien Babb – flounder 1lb 6.75oz

7th- Steve Luxton – flounder 1lb 6.5oz

8th – John Passmore – flounder – 1lb 6oz

9th – Robbie Hancock – flounder 1lb 2.25oz

10th – Nigel Gullon – flounder 1lb 2.2oz

Bideford Angling Club 24 hour Rover

December 24hour results

1st Tony Gussin Whiting 1lb 10 108.333%

2nd Tony Gussin Whiting 1lb 10 108.333%

3rd Andrew Clements Whiting 1lb  6 3/4 94.791%

That’s the clubs angling calendar done and dusted for the year.

Fingers crossed we have a better start to 2022 than we did 2021……

Congratulations to all the winners throughout the year and hopefully we can hit the ground running next year.

All the best….  🎉 from Nathan Clements.

Appledore Shipbuilder’s Christmas Competition

Report from Andrew Atkinson

21 members fished the Christmas comp today. Fishing was tough for most. 7 members catching just the one fish and 9 not catching at all!
A few members did managed to find better areas with multiple catches.
Jazza John won the competition with a Flounder of 1lb 8oz 14dr. He was also 2nd with another one of 1lb 6ozs and Richard Boon 3rd with a 1lb 4oz 4dr fish
Many thanks to all that fished today.
Thanks also to Franky Heards, Quay sports, Riot Baits and Summerlands Tackle for donating Prizes
What was nice today was that everyone who fished today went a way with a prize from the table!
We also had the 24hr winter league heat this weekend.
7 people fished, with many opting to fish the Christmas comp.
Winner was David Atkinson with a Flounder of 1lb 3oz 8dr. 2nd was James Atkinson with another Flounder of 1lb 3oz 6drs
Wishing all members a good Christmas.
Stay safe and see you in the New Year!

Combe Martin SAC Christmas Competition

Kevin Legge won Combe Martin SAC’s Christmas Competition with a specimen bull huss of 11lb 7oz. Dave Brooke was runner up with a conger of 18lb 5oz and Wayne Thomas third with a bull huss of 7lb 15oz.

Sea Angling Round Up

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Cooler temperatures a bit of fresh and the flounder season is well underway. Flattie fanatic David Jenkins has been targeting the Taw flatties catching close to 100 up to 1lb 8oz during a weeks fishing for his favourite fish. He also caught several bass with several over 3lb.

Steve Finn with a good sized Taw flounder.

Bideford Angling Clubs monthly Rover was dominated by flounder.

1st Julien Stainer – flounder 1lb 8.5oz 76.562%

2nd  Andy Sanders – flounder 1lb 7oz 71.875%

3rd Dick Talbot flounder – 1lb 5oz 65.625%

3rd Julien Stainer flounder –  1lb 5oz 65.625%

Appledore Ship-Builders

Fourteen members fished the clubs October rover. Andrew Atkinson was victorious with a Pouting of 1lb 3 1/4ozs. He also claimed second place with another Pouting of 1lb 1 1/4ozs. Michael Hammett was 3rd with another Pouting of 1lb 1oz.
 A reminder to club members that the Agm is on Friday 22nd. October. This will be held at The Royal Appledore 7pm start. Agenda will be emailed out to the members soon.
October is great month for the sea angler with a vast range of species available from both the estuary and the Open coast. The next two months offer the best chance of a double figure bass so I look forward to receiving a few reports from North Devons angling fraternity.

Appledore Shipbuilders Boat Competition

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Thomas Atkinson won Appledore Shipbuilder’s September boat competition with a 2lb 6 1/2oz Trigger Fish.
Scad were pinching the Baits aimed for Black bream but one of these at 14 1/2ozs was big enough to give David Atkinson 2nd place.  Owen Atkinson was third with a 5lb Bass.
One boat reported catching plenty of Pack Tope around 25lb along with a couple of Thornbacks and small Huss.