Stafford Moor Over 50″s Festival

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Many thanks for the report from Jo at Stafford Moor complete with emojis and humour.

Wow what a week it has been ! It’s been such a funny week with you all the geriatrics club ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 had guys loosing things , don’t know what lake they were on the day before 🤪 lost envelopes 🤪 leave the shop then pop back as they forgot what peg they r on 🤪 it’s been like this all week but so funny thank you for making it such fun, now down to the nitty gritty 👍 A huge thank you to Vic Bush (MOSSELLA) UK for sponsoring our festivals and giving out such fantastic prizes so appreciated Vic 💕👍

Our worthy winner who has scored a hat trick wow what can we say you Andy Dare you r a legend what an angler and such a fab bloke you won with just 5 points and a total weight of 359lb 14oz well done Andy !

In second place with a total score of 5 points and total weight of 287lb 14oz is Alec Bishop well done Alec 👍

In third place with also just 5 points and a total weight of 260lb 8oz was Dave Kent well done Dave 👍