The latest winter catches from Stafford Moor

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(Below) Liam Brookes  fished on the inlet swim on Beatties lake and had 3 fish out . All fish were caught on Sticky Baits Manilla sizes 12mm, 16 & 20 all soaked in Manilla liquid Liam used a max of 20/30 Baits which he scattered over the top with a throwing stick.

(Below) Neil Harvey and his friend Simon Allsop  fished  the Dam wall on Lodge lake and banked three carp., Simon had a 28lb 8oz mirror , Neil had 2 fish out up to 27lb 8oz a new pb for Neil  caught on cell glugged in cell hookbait dip also added a few sticky baits Manilla boilies & crushed cell , Korda almond goo.

(Below)Lee Roper fished up on lodge lake and had 2 fish out up to 30lb on the nose ! Lee caught on banoffee flavoured boilies from Outlaw Pro Baits.

(Below) Andrew Van Koutrik and his friend Darren  had one fish out each from lodge lake in a Day session Andrews fish was a 25lb 15oz and Darrens was a 21lb 10oz caught on Sticky’s baits Manilla boilies.

(Below) Kevin Waldron  had five fish out from the inlet swim on Beatties lake all caught on DNA secret 7 plum flavoured boilies.