Stafford Moor – New Lake Record

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Chris Ayre fished a 48 hour session on the Inlet swim on Beatties lake and had 9 fish out including a new lake record of 36lb along with other carp of 31lb and 29lb. All the fish were tempted using Mainline Hybrid boilies.

(Below) Nigel Bassett  fished on swim 2 (sunset swim) on lodge lake. Nigel had out 14 Carp to 29lb 12oz. Nigel was fishing with Sticky baits Manilla 12mm wafters.

(Below) Clive Ashford who has had 7 carp out up to 27lb 13oz from swim 14 (beach 1) on lodge lake yesterday . Clive was fishing with Sticky baits krill and CC moor pacific tuna boilies.