Stafford Moor In Fine Carp Form

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(Above) Bruce Julian caught 5 fish up to 27lb from swim 6 (the outlet) at the end of the dam wall on lodge lake. All fish were caught on Sticky baits krill 16mm boilies.

(Above) Ed Dyer first visit to Stafford Moor ! Ed had 7 fish from the beach swim on Beatties lake all fish were caught on LDM baits.

(Above) Liam Fry and friend Ryan banked ten carp up to 27lb 10oz from swim 2 (The sunset) up on lodge lake including a double taker all fish were caught on DNA SLK baits and S7 plus remix baits secret 12mm pop ups.

(Above) Matt Thomas who had a 20lb common out from the summer hut swim on Beatties lake caught with hot tuna & scopex boilies snowman style.