River Taw Fisheries & Conservation Association Urge Anglers support for petition

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The River Taw Fisheries & Conservation Association are urging all anglers to support the petitions on the parliament UK website for adequate funding of the Environment Agency.

Petition to increase powers and funding of the Environment Agency

The environment agency is underfunded and underpowered. A great example happened to our very own Mole recently where despite a record fish kill the fine was a paltry £2,000.

This petition asks the government to give more funding to the Environment Agency and to free it from overly business-friendly Government codes and guidance, so it can pursue and achieve its principal statutory objective to protect and enhance English rivers.

The petition has 2 days left to run and needs support, please click on the link below

Give the Environment Agency the funds and freedom to protect English rivers – Petitions (parliament.uk)