Stafford Carp Latest catches

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(below)Neil Liddicott fished on Beatties lake and had 28 fish out up to 30lb 1oz which is now Neil’s new pb . All fish were caught on Sticky baits Krill boilies and Sticky baits krill pellets.

(Below) Dave Lovell- Abbaze  stayed with his family in Silver birch lodge located on Beatties lake. Dave had 14 fish out up to 28lb 5oz all fish were caught on our house boilies and house pellets plus one fish caught on CR2 bottom bait.

(Below) Ross Mckee banked 2 fish from the beach swim on Beatties lake up to 26lb 2oz fishing with Mainline cell and Essencial cell boilies.

(Below)Declan Gent  fished up on lodge lake and had 4 fish out up to 24lb all fish were caught on Sticky baits krill boilies and Krill pop ups.