Bideford Angling Club – Monthly Rover

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Bideford – July Rover results 

13 fished 5 fish registered

1st Richard Jefferies  smoothhound 12lb 5oz 123.125%

2nd Andrew Clements smoothhound 11lb 6oz 113.750%

3rd Andrew Clements thicklipped mullet 4lb 1 1/2oz 102.344%

4th Terry Dymond smoothhound 9lb 11oz 96.875%

5th Antony Smith thicklipped mullet 3lb 5 1/2oz 83.594%

Appledore Shipbuilders JULY ROVER

12 Anglers fished the July Rover today.
Several Smoothounds were caught, weighed and released with the photos and weights presented at the weigh in. In fact only Smoothounds were recorded at the weigh in!
Many anglers reported large catches of Smoothounds today with a lot of fish around the 6lb mark.
First place went to Terry Dymond with one of 9lb 11ozs.
Martyn John was second with another of 9lb 9ozs and Andrew Atkinson 3rd with his best one weighing 9lb 6 1/2ozs.