The latest lure designs

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Lure enthusiast Danny Watson with thoughts on the latest lures.

Take Advantage Of The Most Exciting IMA Development This Year….

Available to pre order now are the 2 brand new UK Exclusive colours from IMA, ST Ammo and Ghost Minnow…..featuring on the Chappy 100 and Salt Skimmer.

Those who know me or follow our social media posts will know that I have been a huge fan of the Chappy 100 for some time now. I use them myself with a fair bit of success and also recommend them highly to customers.

I consider and also mention to customers that the Chappy has some similar properties to the sometimes highly regarded, often hyped and notoriously difficult to obtain Whiplash Factory Spttin’ Wire – long casting, easy to work and makes a nice fuss on the surface. I spent quite sometime thinking that there was only one thing missing from the Chappy range and after discussing these thoughts in depth with a customer decided that it was time to speak to the distributor about it…..

What was the missing attribute?

I rang the importer and shared with him my passionate feelings that we really needed some Chappy lures with clear flanks or ghost colours or whatever else you like to call them….look at what him and the men in Japan came up with!