The latest lure designs

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Lure enthusiast Danny Watson with thoughts on the latest lures.

Take Advantage Of The Most Exciting IMA Development This Year….

Available to pre order now are the 2 brand new UK Exclusive colours from IMA, ST Ammo and Ghost Minnow…..featuring on the Chappy 100 and Salt Skimmer.

Those who know me or follow our social media posts will know that I have been a huge fan of the Chappy 100 for some time now. I use them myself with a fair bit of success and also recommend them highly to customers.

I consider and also mention to customers that the Chappy has some similar properties to the sometimes highly regarded, often hyped and notoriously difficult to obtain Whiplash Factory Spttin’ Wire – long casting, easy to work and makes a nice fuss on the surface. I spent quite sometime thinking that there was only one thing missing from the Chappy range and after discussing these thoughts in depth with a customer decided that it was time to speak to the distributor about it…..

What was the missing attribute?

I rang the importer and shared with him my passionate feelings that we really needed some Chappy lures with clear flanks or ghost colours or whatever else you like to call them….look at what him and the men in Japan came up with!

Snap shots from the waters edge

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North Devon has a vast range of waters to fish with an abundance of different species to target. Below are a few snap shots from the Water Edge,

The dwindling waters of Wistlandpound on a late spring evening.

A typical Wistlandpound brownie; great fun on a 5 wt.

(Above) An unsuccessful trip to the coast with the lure rod the sea full of suspended weed; but it was still good to breath in the salty air.

(Above) A short morning session resulted in this mirror carp at Bideford Clubs Karens Lake.


Sometimes its good to get back to basics. James joined me for a session at Jennetts watching a crimson topped float close to the water Lily’s. Watching the float disappear was a delight and resulted in small roach, skimmers and a tackle twisting eel that reminded me of my younger days when these slimy tackle twisters were a common feature of catches.

Sexy mackerel lures – To tempt bass and anglers!

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Danny Watson at High Street Tackle love his lures and has a steady stream of lures arriving to tempt both anglers and bass!

Im thinking it won’t be long before a few bass are being tempted from North Devon’s coastline.

IMA Komomo II – Sexy Mackerel….

The IMA Komomo II is by far one of the most popular lures from IMA and has a place in many lure anglers A Team box…

At 110mm weighing 15g it casts extremely well and rated to swim at 10-20cm it will be in amongst the action on many occasions…

Just arrived in the UK is this new version for 2022 – Sexy Mackerel – click either of the pictures to buy yours now…..

The arrival of this colour brings the number of colours currently in stock of just this one model to 16 – from our massive selection of over 150 different IMA lures!

Lure Fishing – The latest lures

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The bass lure fishing season shouldn’t be long now as the water starts to warm up bass will be on the prowl and High Street Tackle Ilfracombe has a wide selection of the latest lures. Well worth calling in for a chat with Danny who is always ready to assist with lure choice.

New IMA Lures Colours – Available Now….

The first of this years new colours from IMA Lures have now arrived and are available to order…

First, and my personal favourite is the Chappy 100 in Pearl White – the Chappy is an excellent surface lure with a long casting ability that is very easy to walk across the surface, making as much splash as you dare and always backed up by its internal rattles…..

Several new additions now – this time it’s all about the colour. Previously only available in the Sasuke 105 we now have exclusive to the UK Aji (Horse Mackerel) available in the following models….

Hound Glide 125F

Sasuke 120 Reppa

Komomo 2

Komomo 2 90

Komomo SF125

Chappy 100

Lipper 90

At High Street Tackle we now consistently have over 150 different IMA Lure variants – without a doubt the largest selection in the UK constantly available, as well as lures we also keep the whole range of IMA storage boxes and the high quality aluminium pliers too – click on the pictures above to start viewing these products.

Visit High Street Tackle online…

Tackle Memories

I was sorting through the tackle shed today and there is a quite a lot of old tackle some of it given to me over the years. It has dwelt in those old tackle boxes for years but this lockdown has given time to delve into the boxes and start to tidy. Much of it will never be used again but it does unlock a few memories.

(Above)The Mepps spinners that were favourites for salmon and sea trout in those days of plenty before the Fly Only Rules came into protect stocks.

The Mackerel spinners, Devon Minnows and classic the ABU Toby. 

(Above) The Winfield Shanny – Made in Gt Britain 

I notice the Winfield Shanny that brought back a fond memory of when Woolworths sold fishing tackle. Every Saturday afternoon my parents went to Barnstaple to do the weekly shop. I would wander off to visit the Rod Room or Gales. Or perhaps to Woolworths to buy a cheap bit of tackle or look through the record department. Them maybe call into A J Watts for some trendy clothes and finish off with a coffee in John Gays Coffee house.


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Perch are undoubtedly a joy to catch in many ways with their striking colours, defiant spiky fins and willingness to feed throughout the colder months. The waters of North Devon have large perch in good numbers but never take this for granted for there was a time when a devastating disease depleted stocks of perch all across the country. I can remember perch being plentiful in many Devon waters and then becoming almost non existent for several years. Big perch also tend to be subject to boom and bust with a water producing some massive specimens for  two or three seasons before that particular year class dies out. I well remember targeting large perch in Melbury reservoir and landing several to 3lb 14oz. This was exciting fishing but from what I can gather the large perch at this venue have all but disappeared. Of coarse where big perch have flourished once they can once again and all it needs if someone to give it a try.

chris-lambert-3-04(Above) Chris Lambert Upper Tamar perch

Upper and Lower Tamar both contain large populations of specimen perch with every chance of 4lb plus specimens. Many smaller still waters also contain specimen perch including, Legge Farm, Oaktree, Riverton, Slade Reservoir, Stafford Moor, Anglers Paradise, Furzebray, Spires Lakes, Jennets and many others.

Another delight of perch fishing is the variety of successful methods that can be employed including livebaiting, baitfishing and lure fishing.

A keen perch fisher is North Devon based Dan Spearman who tempted these beauty’s to 2lb 13oz from an undisclosed local still-water.



If you want to learn more about perch fishing I suggest yo track down the excellent book dedicated to the species entitled “The Biggest Fish of All” The Perch Fishers.16522997_10155023632177533_1913035329_n


Ilfracombe Pier bass

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14053759_10153804039228085_46378459082089324_oOllie Passmore – bass 7lb 1oz

Ollie Passmore enjoyed a session on Ilfracombe Pier landing a fine bass of 7lb 1oz that was carefully returned to the water after a quick photo. The fish was tempted using a large mackerel bait. The water clarity is reduced along the coast now and as a result bait anglers are enjoying improved sport with mackerel squid or crab baits best.

When the water clears lure anglers will start to catch again. I visited High Street tackle recently and was impressed with their wide selection of bass lures both soft and hard plastics from top brands.