Combe Martin SAC have launched a new fishing community project with the help of keen species enthusiast Toby Bassett. The new fun fishing event was launched on February 1st on Ilfracombe Pier with  local anglers starting an 11 month long species hunt that encourages anglers to catch as many species as possible from Ilfracombe Harbour area.

The essence of the fun fishing league is to encourage local anglers to socialise and share knowledge. Local business are supporting the event with prizes already pledged from Ilfracombe Aquarium, High Street Tackle, Turton’s Butchers and Quay Sports.

A pop up fishing event to get the event started was attended by a mixture of old and new club members. The weather was kind with a clear sky and a calm sea. Nine species of fish were caught during the three hours including; common shanny, rock goby, pouting, whiting, conger, dogfish, ballan wrasse, plaice, pollock and shore rockling. Prizes donated by High Street Tackle were awarded to Ross Stanway who caught the most species on the day. To Zephyr Laramy the most fish caught by a Junior and the smallest fish prize was awarded to Toby Bassett who caught a tiny common shanny using a size 16 hook!

Ross Stanway caught 7 species during the launch day event
The smallest fish of the night to Toby Bassett
Top junior Zephyr Laramy

The intention is to hold a pop up event once a month that will be picked to coincide with a suitable tide and hopefully good weather. Notice will be sent to club members seven days prior to the event. The competition runs until December 31st 2024 with major prizes to be presented early in 2025. Sponsors will be donating prizes with High Street Tackle providing a small prize each month for a category to be decided each month. February prize will be for the most species registered. March will be for the best photograph.

Rock Goby
Nickki Laramy with a whiting
Ross Stanway
James Thomas with a whiting
A whiting was my first fish of the event.
Plaice for Ross Stanway

Even this tackle twisting conger brought a smile as every species counts!
Whats coming up next?

This is not a pure LRF competition as all accepted angling methods are encouraged with bait as well as lures. The use of LRF tactics is a  branch of angling that undoubtedly opens an entirely new dimension to sea angling with some becoming totally addicted to the pursuit of the  range of species available. It is going to be fascinating to explore the vast range of species that dwell within Ilfracombe waters. We will be sharing our results with the local Aquarium and hope to provide a few exhibits for their extensive display tanks.

       We packed away as the flooding tide pushed us off the lower landings. James and I headed to the Bay-side Burger Bar to round off an enjoyable session savouring our spicy chicken and fries in the shadow of Verity.

Ross with a pouting

COMBE MARTIN SAC  Bass Lure League 2023

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COMBE MARTIN SAC  Bass Lure League

Mark Jones – 71cm 63cm 59.5cm       Total – 193.5

Shuan Quartly – 72cm 60.5cm 56cm – Total – 188.5

Reece Woolgar – 64cm 59cm 57cm  Total – 180

Wayne Thomas – 67cm 54.5cm            Total –  121.5

Nick Phillips – 64.5cm 47cm                  Total –  111.5

Mark Tossel 69cm                                Total – 69cm

After the weekends Open Lure fishing competition members on the scoreboard have increased injecting welcome numbers to club members taking part. The league runs until the end of October and is sponsored by High Street Tackle Ilfracombe. Bass from boat and shore count.

Mark Jones is currently leading the lure league with three bass totalling 193.5cm


Combe Martin SAC are hosting an Open Lure Fishing Competition with High Street Tackle Ilfracombe. If the event is well supported it is hoped it will become an annual event that can be built upon each year if the appetite is there to share the wonderful lure fishing for bass that can be enjoyed along Nortb Devons coast line. The coast line offers a wide variety of marks to target bass with a wide range of lure tactics proving successful.

Shallow rocky shorelines –
Taw and Torridge Estuary
Bass tempted on a soft plastic
One of North Devons rocky headlands from the sea.

Sandy beaches have great potential for bass on lures

The boundaries for the event are the entire North Devon Coastline from County Gate to Welcombe Mouth.

This  event is shore only.

The entry fee is £10.00 Competitors must book in at High Street Tackle Ilfracombe.

There is a first prize of £100 and £50 for the runner up. Additional prizes may be added if support is good.

The presentation will be held at Ilfracombe Pier, Outside the Aquarium at 6:30pm on Sunday July 2nd.

All those who attend the presentation will be entred into a raffle for a lure donated by High Street Tackle.

The prizes are for the longest bass nose to tip of tail caught using an artificial lure. A photo of bass and tape must be provided in addition to picture with captor if possible.

Fishing is from 00.00 June 29th until 6.00pm July 2nd.

All entries to be sent to CMSAC via their facebook page or to North Devon Angling News via social media or [email protected] 

Advice on lure fishing for bass along with a huge sellection of lures are avaialble at High Street tackle.

COMBE MARTIN SAC – Bass Lure Competition Update

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Mark Jones has enjoyed recent success with lures whilst fishing from his boat with Craig Mcloughlin of Braunton Baits.

“Great day on my boat with Craig Crafty Mcloughlin 💥 Sun flat sea & no easterlies for a change😩Had 3 shark trips now but doing more lure fishing as well in between sharking🦈 Landed this beauty 70cm plus & it went like hell on my slash 28g lure rod what a fight won’t forget that in a hurry!!!! C&R”

Mark now has three bass totalling 193cm

Reece Woolgar has two for 116cm

Mark Tossel one for 69cm

COMBE MARTIN SAC – Lure Competition Update

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Reece Woolgar has extended his lead in Combe Martin SAC’s Lure fishing league catching his second bass of 59cm. Giving him a total of 116cm for two bass. The league winner is the one with the best length for three bass. The competition is sponsored by HIgh Street Tackle Ilfracombe and is free to club members.

At the end of June HIgh Street Tackle are hosting an Open lure fishing competition in conjunction with CMSAC. Further details to be announced soon.  See poster below and comment from Danny Watson.

Danny Watson

I am really pleased that High Street Tackle are able to be behind this competition again this year….don’t forget to come and see us for all of your needs.
For those that haven’t been before, for a long time or maybe you just didn’t know, from our humble beginnings High Street Tackle is now one of the top bass lure fishing shops in the UK. With even more continuing growth and expansion planned this year.
We stock a massive selection of absolutely everything you need from all of the best European and Japanese brands and for two of them carry the largest selection in the UK. With some items not available anywhere else.
Please feel free to discuss any requirements – we are always happy to open out of hours by arrangement whenever possible.
Follow the High Street Tackle pages on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed of the latest deliveries…
Good luck to everyone that enters and for anyone thinking about it, just do it – this format allows for greater chances of winning than the single biggest fish.


Combe Martin Sea Angling Clubs Lure Fishing Competition generously sponsored by High Street Tackle concluded on Saturday, October 29th, with presentation of prizes at Danny Watsons High Street Tackle Shop in Ilfracombe.

I ( Wayne Thomas) was fortunate to take the first prize of a Penn Conflict XR Lure Rod with Dan Welch securing the runner up prize of a lure bundle worth close to £100.

Results – All lengths are actual with weights estimated via B.A.S.S Calculation charts for length to weight.

Wayne Thomas – Bass

74.5 cm                                 9lb 12oz

69    cm                                   8lb

68.5 cm                                   7lb 12oz

Total 212 cm

Daniel Welch

68 cm                                      7lb 12oz

66 cm.                                          7lb 2oz

61 cm                                      5lb 1oz

Total – 195cm

Solly Welch ( Junior)

58 cm                                      4lb 12oz

58 cm                                      4lb 12oz

57 cm                                      4lb 8oz

Total – 173cm

James Corner

62 cm                                      5lb 13oz

60 cm.                                      5lb 4oz

Total 122 cm

David Jenkins

55 cm                                      4lb

53 cm                                      3lb 12oz

Total 108 cm

Peter Robinson

62 cm                                      5lb 13oz

Effie Welch

53 cm                                      3lb 12oz

The club would like to thank Danny at High Street Tackle for his generous support throughout 2022. We look forward to working with Danny in 2023 whe he have exciting plans for another bass lure league for club members and an Open Lure Fishing competition fished over a weekend.  More details and dates to be confirmed in the New Year.

North Devon has a vast potentail for lure fishing with beaches, rocks and estuaries providing a wide variety of opportunities. The fishing on offer can certainly match fishing in more high profile areas like Southern Ireland, Pembrokeshire and Cornwall. We owe it to our local angling community to promote what we have to support the local economy.

Combe Martin SAC Lure Fishing Competition New leader

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An early morning session produced just the one take in weedy waters on a flooding tide. The bass of 68cm was tempted on a weightless mega-bass spindle worm and propels Wayne Thomas into a narrow lead in Combe Martins SAC’s Lure fishing competition sponsored by High Street Tackle.

1st – 3 bass 68cm 66.5cm 64cm  Total 198.5cm. Wayne Thomas

2nd – 3 bass 68cm 66cm 61cm  Total 195cm Daniel Welch

3rd – 3 bass 58cm 58cm 57cm Total 173cm Solly Welch

Biggest bass – Daniel Welch & Wayne Thomas.  =  68cm

The latest lure designs

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Lure enthusiast Danny Watson with thoughts on the latest lures.

Take Advantage Of The Most Exciting IMA Development This Year….

Available to pre order now are the 2 brand new UK Exclusive colours from IMA, ST Ammo and Ghost Minnow…..featuring on the Chappy 100 and Salt Skimmer.

Those who know me or follow our social media posts will know that I have been a huge fan of the Chappy 100 for some time now. I use them myself with a fair bit of success and also recommend them highly to customers.

I consider and also mention to customers that the Chappy has some similar properties to the sometimes highly regarded, often hyped and notoriously difficult to obtain Whiplash Factory Spttin’ Wire – long casting, easy to work and makes a nice fuss on the surface. I spent quite sometime thinking that there was only one thing missing from the Chappy range and after discussing these thoughts in depth with a customer decided that it was time to speak to the distributor about it…..

What was the missing attribute?

I rang the importer and shared with him my passionate feelings that we really needed some Chappy lures with clear flanks or ghost colours or whatever else you like to call them….look at what him and the men in Japan came up with!


I joined South Molton Angling Club for an evening at Instow where members tried their luck with both Fly and lure tactics. It was an enjoyable evening but no bass were tempted. Fortunately the Cricket Club gave a chance for members to discuss tactics for next time over a welcome pint.

The following night I headed out onto the coast where I enjoyed more success. Early into the session I tempted a small bass on a surface lure and went on to tempt four more after dark on a soft plastic. The best of these a nice fish of 64cm that will be enjoyed pan fried with just a sprinkling of pepper.

Combe Martin SAC Lure Competition – fish registered so far.

Daniel Welch. three bass total – 167.5 cm

James Corner two bass – 122 cm

Wayne Thomas two bass – 115 cm

Peter Robinson one bass – 62 cm

Ross Stanway – One bass = 53 cm

A boat caught bass for James Corner of 60cm