Casting into the ever flowing river

The intricacies of nature

A mild and mellow early Autumn day as I cast a line across the familiar River Torridge. I had fished the beat three days previously and was optimistic that the turbidity would have dropped out but the water was still murkier than I would like. The water level had dropped back and was lower than ideal.

After such a long dry summer surely there was hope that a few salmon had forged up river on the small spate that had preceded my visit?

Hope is vital in fishing of course as in life. When we fail to catch a common phrase quoted is that if we caught fish every trip our hobby would be called catching instead of fishing.

Autumn was undoubtedly hanging in the air as I fished. A few trees were showing signs of the oncoming season and the occasional leaf drifted downriver. Blackberrys, mushrooms and hazelnuts all indications of the transitioning of the season. Grey Squirrels were busy leaping in the branches high above another subtle sign of the season.

The recent passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth has enveloped the nation in a melancholic mood that I have perhaps brought to the river. I cannot help but think that if this was just ten years ago salmon would at least be showing. The decline of salmon is a great concern and I am sure I am not alone in fearing the demise of these iconic fish within a relatively short time.

As always the casting of a fly and drifting it across the current was therapeutic and despite my pessimism I remained hopeful. The continuity of the flowing river is always reassuring and the pull of life from a plump wild brownie was welcomed.

After several difficult years of political turmoil, pandemic, war and the rising cost of living it  is easy to be despondent. Life goes on like the river, a new King takes the reign politics will rumble along as always. England will win the cricket and just maybe things will take a turn for the better.

There are just three weeks left of the season and we can only hope for more rain and a big spate to bring those silver bars into the river. They have been seen leaping in the estuary so that hope of success remains.