South West Lakes Trout Fisheries Report


September 2022

Water levels have continued to fall (in some cases well below 40%) in spite of some welcome interludes of rain, meaning that large expanses of muddy banks have been exposed, and anglers are reminded to be aware of the dangers of soft mud. Water temperatures are still high, and the trout, rainbows in particular, are still not particularly eager to look at a fly, and are generally in the cooler deeper parts of the lakes. We should start to see an improvement in the fishing with fresher conditions and cooler nights now prevailing.


Kennick – Boat anglers continue to achieve the best results, with the deeper waters in Boat, Poplar, and Clampitts Bays producing the best sport. Either sinking lines or floating lines with a long leader fished with a slow retrieve in mid-water produced results, using either a variety of Damsel Nymph patterns or Black Tadpoles. Simon Emery (from Winkleigh) caught three rainbows to 3lb using an Olive Damsel fished on a sinking line and slow retrieve, while Chris Whiteman (from Exeter) caught a 2lb 8oz rainbow on a Green Damsel.

Burrator – Sheepstor, Longstone Bay, Pigtrough, and Discovery Point proved to be the best locations to fish, with anglers favouring floating lines with a sink-tip, and a variety of nymph (Blue Flash Damsel, Claret Buzzer) and lure patterns (Orange FAB, Viva, and Cruncher). Alan Bachelor, along with two companions, caught fourteen rainbows to 2lb, while Jon Rood (from Plymouth) caught three rainbows to 2lb using an Orange FAB, with an Orange Blob on the dropper, fishing from Sheepstor Bank.

Stithians – Water levels are very low here – at the time of writing only 25% full. The Dam area, Sluice Bank, and North Bank have produced the best sport, with Black Pennell, Goat’s Toe, and Dunkeld fished on a sink-tip line taking fish, while browns have risen to Daddylonglegs patterns.

Fernworthy – The recent rain has meant that the water level in this high Moorland reservoir has started to rise, with some fish activity. Nick Hawkins (from South Brent) caught two nice browns to 2lb 4oz using a sunk Kate McLaren on a slow retrieve.

Colliford – The fishery continues to buck the trend, with anglers averaging 4.7 fish per rod, and fish well spread out around the lake (Browngelly Bay, Lords Waste, and East Bank producing a lot of catches). Fish are being tempted to take dry patterns (Foam Beetles, Bobs Bits, Foam Daddies, Black Gnats and Small Sedges) fished on a floating line and long leader, as well as sub-surface patterns (Gold-head Daddies, Diawl Bachs, Soldier Palmers, Montanas, and Buzzers). Chris Tilyard (from Fradden) caught ten browns to 2lb 11oz in an early morning session using a Soldier Palmer and Zonka.

Roadford – Sport at Roadford continues to improve, with anglers averaging 6.7 browns per rod in one week. Daveys Bank, East Wortha, and the South Bank produced the best sport, with fish taking a variety of patterns (including Black Hoppers, Ginger Shipmans, Soldier Palmer, Zulu, and Black Tadpole) on floating lines. Dean Boucher (from Gunnislake) caught thirteen browns to 1lb 4oz in one session on pulled wets (Soldier Palmer, Zulu, and Black Tadpole) fishing a floating line. Rodney Wevill (from Launceston) caught seven browns on a floating line with static and medium retrieves.