Wistlandpound Wild Brown Trout Fishing

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Jason Hayes set out for a few hours fishing at Wistlandpound Reservoir near Barnstaple. This lake is a favourite of mine.  Where I regained my love for fishing a few years ago.
The water levels are fantastically high and it was crystal clear. The gusty wind was difficult but certainly not unmanageable. I started late morning with my 5 weight #xplorer classic matched with #Guideline 5/6 weight reel. I decided on an intermediate line with sink tip in order to cover the deeper water. I was into a nice butter yellow #wildbrowntrout on my second cast using a pheasant tail nymph I had tied myself. So nice to be out on the water and into a few fish.
A few hours and 5 more fish later, the winds picked up and it was time to leave.
It’s definately a destination that needs to be explored and its a great price for a day’s fishing as well.
Can’t wait to return.