An exciting new book – MAKO! A History of encounters in the British Isles

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Lee Armishaw of Watersmeet Publications has provided me with details of an exciting new book due to be published at the end of May. I will update fully closer to the release date. I am sure the book will be a valuable addition to any keen sea  anglers bookshelf. The history of shark fishing in the Uk is certainly full of evocative tales.
A few key points about the book are : –
-focused on shortfin mako sharks caught in the British Isles.
-written by Ian Harbage, former Northampton Saints professional rugby player and a chap who has caught hundreds of U.K. sharks.
-the captures are listed in chronological order from the 1950’s to current day.
-it’s the result of decades of extensive research by Ian.
-It has drawn interest from the scientific community as means of learning more about the species.
-There are 95 captures listed in the book and several previously notes makos that were misidentified as porbeagle’s and corrected.
-It includes anecdotal stories and accounts of ‘ones that got away’ and additional sightings not covered in the capture list, including accounts from Trevor Houseby, Simon Thomas etc. It also includes background on SACGB from creation to current day, info on prominent female anglers such as Hetty Eathorne and Joyce Yallop etc and skipper Robin Vinnicombe, the record holder for numbers caught and nicknamed ‘the mako man’.
-Southwest port towns make up the bulk of the records, such as Looe, Mevagissey and Falmouth. There are a few from other areas such as Wales and Ireland too.
-sales available via Watersmeet Publications directly and River Reads bookshop.