Braunton Baits – June Specimen Competition

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Craig announces Braunton Baits June Specimen Competition

Right guys and girls
Sorry it’s been a manic couple days but this months….
Fish Of The Month Competition (June)
Target species :- Any Specimen Fish From The South West Coast
To enter – All you have to do is purchase your bait from the shop and you’ll receive a sticker for June simples
Winner will receive a £20 gift voucher for the shop and a box of bakes from Bake and Brew Bakery
Please share away people
*You must pop in the shop to register
*to enter- the fish must be caught on bait bought from our shop
*you must send in a photo of you holding the fish along with a photo of the scales weight and the bait sticker
*have a great time
*please take your litter home
Happy fishing