We are very fortunate in North Devon to have some excellent fishing tackle shops providing local anglers with a wide range of tackle and bait. Tackle shops are at the heart of the local angling community providing a meeting place where anglers can pick up the tools of the trade before spending their hard earned cash. Tackle shops are also a vital social centre where anglers can mingle to plan trips to the water’s edge. I value the support given to North Devon Angling News by our local tackle shops. Over the last few days before Christmas why not pop into your local tackle shop and maybe buy a present or two and stock up with tackle for the Christmas holidays and next year’s fishing trips.

BRAUNTON BAIT BOX – Craig tackles bass and shark

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Braunton Bait Box’s Craig Mcloughlin proves his angling crudential with this fine bass of 8lb 6oz caught using spider crab that is available in store.  He also went onto bring a fine porbeagle boat side.

Braunton Baits Sponsor Combe Martin SACs Fish of the month competition for the best mixed brace. First prize is a T-Shirt from Ocean Daze

Braunton Baits – June Specimen Competition

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Craig announces Braunton Baits June Specimen Competition

Right guys and girls
Sorry it’s been a manic couple days but this months….
Fish Of The Month Competition (June)
Target species :- Any Specimen Fish From The South West Coast
To enter – All you have to do is purchase your bait from the shop and you’ll receive a sticker for June simples
Winner will receive a £20 gift voucher for the shop and a box of bakes from Bake and Brew Bakery
Please share away people
*You must pop in the shop to register
*to enter- the fish must be caught on bait bought from our shop
*you must send in a photo of you holding the fish along with a photo of the scales weight and the bait sticker
*have a great time
*please take your litter home
Happy fishing


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Andrew Parish used King ragworm purchased at Braunton Bait Box to tempt this handsome ballan wrasse from a mark near Combe Martin. Ballan wrasse were plentiful along the North Devon coast during the 1980’s but catches have not been as good over recent seasons. A contributory factor could be that less anglers target the species these days as they tend to reside in among thick kelp and rock that deters some anglers. It would be great to see some pictures of these fine fish. Crab baits were always favourite for the bigger specimens though king ragworm was always a great bait for numbers of fish. Recent developments have seen wrasse targeted with great success using lures a method that is perhaps underused in North Devon?

Andrew Parish
Andrew Parish