The Memorial Flounder Competition memory of Teddy New Stephen Williams and Kevin Stanley Bridson.

Congratulation to Nick Braunton who helped to organise this brilliant competition that attracted a a large number of local anglers.

1st  Nobby Jefferys 1lb 9ozs  winning £250 

2nd Dick Talbot 1lb 8ozs

3rd Paul Burslem 1lb 7.1/2ozs

4th Tony Gooch1lb 7.1/4oz 

5th Johnny Weeks 1lb 6ozs

6th Matt Horsham 1lb 4.1/2oz

7th Mark Jordan 1lb 4.1/4oz

8th Graham Parsons 1lb 4ozs

9th Paul Simmons 1lb 3.1/2

10th James Mayhew and Matt cleverly 1lb 3 1/4oz

  59 seniors fished

The result of the juniors was

1st place Barnaby Raymont 1lb 5ozs

2nd Bailey Phipps 1lb 4ozs

16 juniors fished in total 75 fished the event..Tony Gooch and Dick Talbot won the blind pairs with a total of 3lb 5ozs..Great day but with minus 5 degrees it took some fishing..

Every junior won a prize donated by Summerlands Tackle,  Angler’s Heaven,  Quay sports and Sakuma Fishing & Bullet Bait.

Over £800 of cash prizes paid out and £706 raised for the Pollyfield Bar Refurbishment.