Bass and ray shore sport!

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Its been very quiet from the shore over recent weeks with poor weather deterring many anglers from venturing forth. The water temperature is up for the time of year and this could encourage a few fish close inshore to start feeding. Ollie Passmore found success landing this fine small-eyed-ray of 10lb 4oz. His good friend Kody Chugg also succeeded landing a fine bass of 8lb that was carefully released after a quick picture.

BIg tope on Bluefin

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(Above)Paul Bloomfield with 40lb tope

(Above) A fifty pound plus tope for first timer Colin.

Bluefin will be running fishing trips out of Ilfracombe throughout the winter months at present there are still a few tope being caught and bass from the reefs. With the new that anglers can now retain one bass per day trips to reefs will be popular with option to keep the occasional fish for the table.

Time for bass and mullet

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John Shapland landed this fine thick lip of 4lb 4oz on a recent trip. The next couple of months are without doubt my favourite time to get out fishing with a wealth of fish to target. Bass and mullet have to be close top of the wanted list and reports would indicate that there are a few about.

2 BITES TODAY!!!  Johns exciting report.
“first pulled the tip around hard and kept on going took the rod from the rest and into the water!!! time I got to it I lifted into nothing!!! heart beating like mad and shaking like a leaf, rebaited and re-cast then bang!!! tip right around and fish on!! followed the fish down stream but my landing net was miles away by now, a great scrap ensued with some awesome runs. I managed to beach her on the shallows and carried back to the landing net for a rest then release and weighed in at 4lb 2 oz
most happy with this old warrior.”

Rob Scoines enjoyed a session at a local rock mark ctaching several bass to 4lb 2oz and a small bull huss.

Time to catch a bass

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September and October have always been prime time for the bass angler with every chance of that fish of a lifetime showing. If water clarity is good lure fishing could bring its rewards though a big fish bait anchored off a beach is a method with a well proven track record. Don’t rule the estuary either as big bass often prowl into areas that many consider the home of flounder and school bass.

Recreational anglers will be delighted to hear that the total ban on retaining bass is to be lifted from October 1st 2018 with one bass per day to be allowed for the table. Whilst the majority of anglers return the fish they catch most will be pleased that they can take the occasional fish for the table.

(below)Ali Laird enjoyed a successful session on a local beach beaching two small ray a brace of bass of 3lb to 4lb and this fine bass of 9lb 12oz.

(Below) Tony Slade won Appledore Shipbuilder’s Bass Competition at Westward Ho! with a bass of 7lb 4oz.

(Below) James Atkinson took second and third with bass of 3lb 5oz and 2lb 12oz.

Bass from boulder strewn shores

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First day of autumn probably the finest season for angling. One more try for a bass in Combe Martin SAC’s lure competition.

As I walk to the shore a few family’s are enjoying time beside the sea as summer fades. Its a balmy air as I make my way across the familiar boulder strewn foreshore. I arrive perspiring just before low water and make my way out onto a favorite  rocky promontory. The sea is calm, clarity good and I feel confident as I clip on a patchinko surface lure and launch it 40 yards or so out onto the water. After searching the water for ten minutes or so without any swirls behind the lure I clip on my favourite candy coloured shallow diver. After two casts I feel that electrifying jolt through the thin braid as a bass slams into the lure. The rod pulses in my hands as a bass of a couple of pounds fights for freedom. I relish the sight of the bass as it swims on a tight line in the clear water.

A couple more casts and a repeat performance as bass number two hits the lure.

As the tide pushes in I hop off the rock before getting trapped by the rising water and move fishing from boulders flicking a surface lure into the shallow water. There is a swirl behind the lure and I pause momentarily before twitching the lure and get an immediate response as a small bass nails the lure hard. I lift the bass from the water and on grabbing the fish impale my finger on a flying treble hook. Bass on one hook finger past the barb on the other; Ouch!!! I really should carry a small first aid kit..

A wash off in salty water and its time to resume fishing. I search the shoreline finding three more bass as I relish the calm water and the splendid scenery. I love fishing these shallow boulder strewn shorelines and the exciting encounters as the bass appear in the clear water sometimes smashing the lure just a few feet from the edge.

I end the session as the evening sun illuminates the steep cliffs pausing as I walk back to enjoy a hot coffee from my new drink pod.

The next few months are an exciting prospect for the angler with bass, mullet and tope on the sea angling agenda.

Big Bass in the dark

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Danny Watson of High Sreet Tackle Ilfracombe has taken the lead in Combe Martin SAC’s Lure Fishing Competition landing a fine bass of 70cm.

The fish was also weighed before being returned and scaled 8lb 9oz.

Danny has kindly agreed to award the prize of an HTO Nebula Lure Rod to the runner up in the competition if he wins as High Street Tackle are sponsoring the competition. So there’s a challenge to club members get out there and claim the top spot and save Danny the embarrassment of winning his own competition!!!

Congratulations go to Danny and Ross in getting out there after dark and having the confidence to cast a lure its something I have been intending to do for ages.

Danny story below :-

Absolutely bloody buzzing man! Got a message from fellow club member Ross Stanway – ” Did I fancy a quick lure session in the dark,” was hardly going to say no was I? He quickly got into a fish of about 2lb, we were pleased. Then about half an hour later all hell broke loose and I was into this beast! My second night time lure bass – measured 70cm and weighed 8lb 9oz! It went like a steam train taking line like mad – it was absolutely mental. Lots of people know I have banged on about doing this for ages – now I have and believe me it is pretty mad. I did not expect something like this! I can’t stop grinning!!!

The fish was tempted on a white do live stick – High Street Tackle sell Laggin Dragons which are very similar.