Reece Woolgar – Winner of CMSAC 2023 – Bass lure League

Reece Woolgar was the worthy winner of Combe Martin Sea Angling Clubs Lure Fishing league sponsored by High Street Tackle Ilfracombe, Reece recieved a Gift voucher to spend in store to the value of £150. Reeces best three bass totalled 200cm just 1 cm ahead of runner up Mark Jones.

Combe Martin SAC will be running the competition next year and give thanks to Danny Watson for agreeing to sponsor the event again. The league is free to all CMSAC paid up members and is awarded to the member who catches the best three bass throughout the league on a lure boat or shore. Next years league will run from April 1st until October 31st. The presentation will be arranged to be at High Street Tackle at a convenient weekend.

The club plan to hold a couple of lure fishing sessions in the summer of 2024 with the intention of sharing knowledge and social interaction.

(Below) Reece Woolgar with some of the bass caught during his lure fishing season.

(Below) Mark Jones runner up with three bass total of 199cm

Anglers Paradise 2023 Lure Fishing Weekend

A massive congratulations to Mark Sharratt who WON 🏆 as the overall CHAMPION by catching 5 species consisting of Tiger Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Perch and Rudd which made him…THE CHAMPION OF 2023
A Big THANK YOU TO ALL The Sponsors Mark went home loaded with amazing prizes, including Rods, Reels, Lures, Clothing, Luggage, AND a week’s holiday for 2 at Anglers Paradise!
Ben’s team caught 7 species 🎣
• Catfish
• Pike
• Rudd
• Tiger Trout
• Brown Trout
• Rainbow Trout
• Perch
A great achievement by the team and excellently lead by Ben who showed us all with some superb angling exactly why he’s the most decorated captain of our lure weekends!
Second place – Okuma/Rapala
Third – Drennan/ESP
Fourth – Rozemeijer/Voodoo
Well done to all the Teams and their awesome Captains, you all fished your socks off and we are proud of every single one of you
Thanks to all the sponsors for the great team prizes
(Below) One of the Lure Weekend Captains Dave Drake representing Drennan ESP with a very impressive Rainbow  Trout caught during the competition
Congratulations to Nigel Kingston who was the Runner Up with 4️⃣ species consisting of Tiger Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Perch
A Big THANK YOU TO ALL The Sponsors Nigel went home very happy loaded with amazing prizes, including a Rod, Reel, Lures, Clothing, Luggage and a pair of Fortis eyewear sunglasses  the list goes on!
Special thanks to @fox_rage_fishing
@outlaw_pro_predator @fortiseyewear @rozemeijerfishing @drennantackle @espcarpfishing Voodoo and Bryan Davies 

Anglers Paradise

Bass and thunder on the Jurassic Coast

The tide was flooding rapidly into the River Axe estuary when I arrived to park up and I took note of what looked like a potential mullet fishing venue. This was confirmed later as I chatted with the skipper John Wallington.

The cliffs were shrouded in grey mist giving a truly Jurassic atmosphere to an early October day as we motored out of Axemouth aboard

There is always something particularly exciting about visiting a new fishing destination. I had been invited by Snowbee ambassador Jeff Pearce who had brought along a few Snowbee Deep Blue Rods to test out.

There were six of us fishing on the boat Jeff and I knew none of them but as always anglers are a little like super glue gelling quickly to become friends sharing an adventure within a short time. Names are banded about at the start of the day, Mark, Martin, Mick and Zee but in truth I am terrible with names and by the time we left the harbour they could have been Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

         Those grey mist shrouded cliffs of the Jurassic coast soon faded into the distance as we headed out to wrecks deep beneath the grey waters of the English Channel. Bass were our target with the chance of pollock. I always find it fascinating how many Skippers have their own approach and special tricks. John is very keen on safety and had given a very thorough     briefing before leaving the port. Focussing on how to use the ship to shore radio if he was to become incapacitated a factor that I have often thought of but never actually asked any skipper about.

         John explained how we would be drifting the wrecks using lures on long traces of up to 6 metres. The ball weights used must be inserted into their holders when the fish is retrieved and the fish is then handlined carefully to the waiting net. Flailing weights can be dangerous. When lowering the tackle into the water the weight is lowered first the lure held carefully until the weight has taken up the slack in the trace.

( take care not to get hooked by the inertia of the sinking weight- It hurts! ) The set up incorporates a simple anti tangle tube with the weight attached to a weak link. ( Well, mine was as I was using 50lb b.s braid mainline!) The other technique/protocol that was different to many charter boats was that we were all to fish on the same side of the boat with the lines all trailing away, ensuring none of the tangles associated with lines coming under the boat.

         It was a very grey murky day but fortunately the sea was calm with just a gentle breeze. John spotted a few tuna leaping from the water. Gannets soared gracefully in the dark sky.

         After forty minutes or so we reached our first wreck with the shoreline now hidden by mist. We sent our lures to the sea bed and followed the drill. On reaching the sea bed wind up slowly for thirty or so turns then send it back down and repeat. If a fish started to attack the lure keep retrieving until all locks up and then thump the hook home by lifting the rod positively.

A Red gill hybrid !

         The morning started slowly with a few bass and pollock from the first two or three wrecks. I was pleased to get off the mark with a decent pollock and bass.

         The fishing was steady then as we covered a couple more wrecks. As the tide eased the breeze dropped away and we were entranced when pods of dolphins appeared to play around the boat passing within a few feet clearly visible in the clear water.

         Several martins flew overhead as they headed South on their migration to Africa. A warbler of some type circled the boat another tiny migrant heading south its survival surely against the odds.

         Sport began to pick during the afternoon as the tide picked up with each drift bringing multiple hook ups keeping a smiling John busy with the net.

         Despite dark skies and intermittent rain, we were all surprised when a flash of lightning was followed by an impressive rumble of thunder. The storm persisted for around fifteen minutes with huge thunderclaps and some spectacular flashes of lightning. We fished on in shock and awe. This failed to deter the fish that were hitting our lures with gusto.

         Not sure how many bass and pollock we eventually caught but I ended with seven bass and three pollock. I did lose a very good fish that hit my lure hard putting an impressive bend in the Snowbee Rod, the reel screaming  before the hook pulled free.

         We headed back to Seaton bouncing across a dark grey seascape as gannets plunged into the water. We all climbed from the boat a little weary and said fond farewells thanking John for a great day.s sport.

Bass Lurę – Competition Update

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Mark Jones tempted this fine 65cm bass to extend his lead in Combe Martin SAC’s members only Lure Fushing competition sponsored by High Street Tackle.

1st Mark Jones – Bass – 71cm, 65cm, 63cm Total 199

2nd  – Reece Woolgar = Bass – 71cm 64cm 59cm  Total 194

3rd – Shuan Quartly – Bass – 72cm, 60.5cm, 56cm Total 188.5

4th  – Wayne Thomas – Bass – 67cm, 61cm, 54.5cm Total 182.5

Combe Martin SAC – Lure Competition League

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Combe Martin SAC – Lure Competition League

Wayne Thomas has moved up to third place in Combe Martin SACs Lure fishing league adding a bass of 61cm to his three fish qualifying tally.

Mark Jones bass – 63cm, 63cm, 71cm – Total – 197cm

Shaun Quartly bass – 72cm, 60.5cm, 56cm – Total – 188.5cm

Wayne Thomas – bass 67cm, 61cm 54.5cm – Total – 182.5cm

Reece Woolgar bass – 57cm, 59cm, 64cm – Total – 180cm

Lure fishing has proved challenging over recent weeks with rougher seas resulting in lots of suspended weed to snare lures. The abundance of natural food can also reduce the success rate of natural lures.

The best time for catching bass can be after the sun has set.

New Leader in CMSAC lure league

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Reece Woolgar has taken a narrow lead in Combe Martin SAC’s lure league tempting a stunning bass of 71cm. The club members only competition runs until the end of October.

Reece Woolgar – 64cm 59cm 71cm    Total – 194

Mark Jones – 71cm 63cm 59.5cm       Total – 193.5

Shuan Quartly – 72cm 60.5cm 56cm – Total – 188.5

Wayne Thomas – 67cm 54.5cm            Total –  121.5

Nick Phillips – 64.5cm 47cm                  Total –  111.5

Mark Tossel 69cm                                Total – 69cm


The North Devon Coast has many miles of very varied and spectacular coastline much of it well worth exploring so when James suggested a trip to check out a cove near Ilfracombe I was keen. Lee Bay is a secluded Wooded Valley that descends to a fascinating stretch of coastline intersected by the South West Coast path much of the land in the custodianship of the National Trust.

James had suggested a short trip to explore the coves with a fishing rod perhaps incorporating a swim. We arrived shortly after Low water and walked out along the beach following a fascinating pathway cut into the rocky foreshore.

The path leads to a secluded beach sheltered from the prevailing South Westerly. This was where James intended to take a swim. But before cooling off we ventured beyond the cove through a maze of gulley’s that lead to a rugged rocky foreshore that screamed bass.

We had a few casts but with the tide flooding time was limited and we headed back to the cove where James plunged into the clear waters to cool down.

I stepped out onto the rocks and cast a lure whilst savouring the unfamiliar topography.

I didn’t really expect to catch and joined James on the beach suggesting we head back to Ilfracombe and try for a mackerel as the tide flooded.

Ilfracombe was a contrast to the secret coves of Lee Bay with its bustling harbour and people all around. After catching up with the cricket score we took our lure rods to the rocks near the pier and cast shiny metals into the clear water.

The aqua blues and greens of the sea with white breaking waves against rocky foreshores were exhilarating. We spied vast shoals of sandeel shimmering and shoaling close in against the shoreline. Birds were working out in the tide a sign that mackerel or bass were hunting.

A burst of life upon the water caught my attention and I cast my lure into the general direction. After a couple of casts came that pleasing thump as a mackerel hit the lure. Over the next twenty minutes we added four more mackerel to the tally. Fresh from the sea we looked forward to them lightly grilled or pan fried for tomorrow’s breakfast or dinner.

I was delighted to share the shoreline with James seeing the sea as it should be with abundant fish and prey. A lively moving eco system that can be enjoyed if only we could learn to use it in a sustainable fashion taking only our fair share.

As the tide forced us to retreat again we strolled along the harbour to pick up  delicious burgers and a Katsu box from Paul Lorrimore’s

It would have been nice to savour the food sat on a bench overlooking the harbour but Ilfracombe’s seagulls made us retreat to the safety of the car parked beneath Verity’s towering presence.

            The end of another perfect day in North Devon.

COMBE MARTIN SAC  Bass Lure League 2023

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COMBE MARTIN SAC  Bass Lure League

Mark Jones – 71cm 63cm 59.5cm       Total – 193.5

Shuan Quartly – 72cm 60.5cm 56cm – Total – 188.5

Reece Woolgar – 64cm 59cm 57cm  Total – 180

Wayne Thomas – 67cm 54.5cm            Total –  121.5

Nick Phillips – 64.5cm 47cm                  Total –  111.5

Mark Tossel 69cm                                Total – 69cm

After the weekends Open Lure fishing competition members on the scoreboard have increased injecting welcome numbers to club members taking part. The league runs until the end of October and is sponsored by High Street Tackle Ilfracombe. Bass from boat and shore count.

Mark Jones is currently leading the lure league with three bass totalling 193.5cm