Rescued Angler Launches Crowdfunding for the RNLI

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Capstone Point, Ilfracombe

Following on from my previous post Jamie has asked if I could share the below on my website.  please could you share this on your page and help me raise money for the RNLI ilfracombe as they saved my life on Saturday night the least I can do is raise them some money. I will be walking 100k with my wife in the lakedistrict to help them like they helped me. 🙏 also I want to try and raise awareness on an anglers safety and try and get as many anglers as I can to buy a crew saver life jacket or floatation device. These should become an essential part of our kit. Regards Jamie

Since publishing my initial article on this near miss I have received considerable feedback and believe that the local RNLI will be launching an awareness campaign on safety. I will liaise with them to help promore awareness of the dangers and how to increase survival rates if things go wrong.

Local tackle shops are joining in the general effort to raise awareness.

Quay Sports posted the below guidance

Good morning Folks.
Although here in store we are always keen to remind our customers to be safe out there when fishing, we felt that after recent events out on the coast, it would be a good time to start focusing on the safety aspect of fishing and sea fishing in particular.
So with this in mind we have decided to improve and upgrade our range of lifesavers and equipment to help anglers be safer and therefore enjoy their fishing more. We have already had a delivery of the tried and tested Fladen rescue system and are about to place an order for some quality automatic life jackets (these will be charged at the lowest price possible we can do! It’s not about making money it’s about encouraging people to use them, keep safe and let’s be honest we all love a bargain).
Please feel free contact us about anything related to water safety.
Here’s a reminder of some simple steps that can be taken as a first line of defence before you go fishing .
1. Always tell somebody where you are going and your expected time of return.
2. Check the weather, not just the rain but the wind and very importantly the sea swell.
3. Check the tide times and then check them again.
4. Always have the correct equipment to land your prize fish, either a suitable net or decent Gaff. Long handled versions of nets and gaffs are available and can make things much easier to land fish.
Never go fishing in potentially dangerous areas on your own, a friend could save your life.
6. If you do intend to go fishing on your own, wear a life jacket or rescue suit, and preferably take a waterproof VHF radio and a well charged waterproof headtorch.
7.In extreme cases carry a rescue flare.
8. And probably the most important rule, “watch out for each other, two sets of eyes are better than one, look after each other out there and if your not sure about anything related to tides and marks, ask somebody with experience their advise, we are all always learning in fishing so don’t be a hero ask somebody, we are always happy to help here in store.
Be safe! 👍🏻 and enjoy your angling.


Simon McCarthy at Summerlands works on the lifeboat and has been involved in many local rescues and is keen to offer advice to any anglers who vist the shop at Westward Ho!