Stafford Moor Match News

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Latest match results from the ever prolific Stafford Moor

Andy Boffin
Andy Boffin


Wednesday August 3rd Open match at Stafford Moor on Tanners and Woodpecker lakes. Had 32  fishing  with a continental payout . Had 6 main payouts plus 4 X section payouts.
Winner of the day was Andy Boffin Tanners peg 6 with 154lb 15oz fishing the conker & paste.

2nd  Kev Walters Woodpecker peg 3 with 104lb 6oz

3rd Herbie Tanners peg 3 with 116lb 5oz

4th  Tony Nallie Woodpecker peg 32 with 86lb 8oz

5th  Ben Evenden Tanners peg 36 with 110lb 4oz

6th  Chris Haines Woodpecker peg 10 with 84lb 13oz

Our section winners were:
Tanners steve Kedge peg 32 with 95lb 15oz and Kev Osbourne peg 27 with 61lb 12oz
Woodpecker Rob Hendrick peg 12 with 34lb and Mick Wheatley peg 26 with 43lb 7oz

Stephen Crocker
Stephen Crocker

Friday August 5th residents match  Stafford Moor on Tanners and Woodpecker lakes. Weather was sunny most of the day , had a continental payout today , had a great winning weight from Stephen Crocker peg 36 with 132lb 4oz fishing 11mm on the lead, well done Steve ! (Who won it last year too )
2nd Chris Birch Tanners peg 35 with 122lb 5oz

3rd  Keith Simpson Woodpecker peg 10 with 51lb 3oz

4th Rob Hendrick AKA MOS Tanners peg 13 with 90lb 12oz fishing 8mm & paste down the edge

5th Mark Betteridge Woodpecker peg 28 with 49lb 11oz

6th  Richard Gere AKA Michael Wheatley 😜 Tanners peg 18 with 79lb 3oz