Mixed bags for sea anglers

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Ian Laird landed this 9lb 15oz bull huss whilst fishing a local rock mark. The fish was part of a haul that consisted of smoothound, dogfish and pollock.

(Above) This 3lb 6oz codling was tempted by Chay Boggis from a local beach whilst targetting bass.

Ali Laird fished the estuary to land nine flounder to 1lb 9oz. Flounder fishing should be good for the next few weeks with heavy rain flushing out the river.

(Above) Ollie Passmore with a grey mullet of almost 3lb.

(Above) Ollie Passmore with a bull huss of 10lb 4oz.

November can be an exciting time for sea anglers with a vast range of species to target. A big squid or mackerel bait presented on a pennel rig is likely to bring rewards from deep water marks all along the coast. Make sure you use a substantial hook length to withstand sharp teeth. I use a minimum of 80lb b.s mono or fluorocarbon for my shore fishing with a heavy wire trace if tope are a possibility, contrary to popular opinion.