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Bidefords March  48-hour results.

1st Andrew Clements  Bull Huss 12lb 9oz 125.625%

2nd Graham Snow  Thicklipped Mullet 3lb 6oz 84.375%

3rd Graham Snow Thicklipped Mullet 3lb 4oz 81.250% 

Bull huss from Ilfracombe

Combe Martin SAC member Paul Lorrimore landed a personal best bull huss of 12lb 5oz whilst fishingf an Ilfracombe shore mark.


Combe Martin SAC Junior member Lenny Lake fished from John Barbeary’s Bluefin out of ilfracombe to boat a fine bull huss of 12lb 2oz.

Billy Evans won Appledore Shipbuilders league competition with a smoothound of 9lb 6oz. Andrew Atkinson was runner up with a smoothound of 9lb 0.25oz and Graham Snow third with a thick lipped grey mullet of 3lb 6oz.

Huss and tope for Ollie Passmore

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Combe Martin SAC member Ollie Passmore has been enjoying success from the North Devon Shoreline tempting this 37lb 6oz tope and 12lb 11oz Bull Huss,

“Absolutely buzzing to finally catch a PB tope a few weeks back weighing 37lb 6. After sadly loosing a couple this year it made it all that much sweeter. Nothing can beat the feeling of seeing that reel screaming and the rod bent over!!

Top terminal tackle as always from @sakuma_fishing doing the business again!”

Kyle braves the storm to land specimen brace

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Combe Martin SAC member Kyle Bishop braved stormy conditions to bank a superb brace of specimens including a new club record bull huss of 15lb 5oz and a tope of 46lb 2oz.

Banging trip out last month in the 50mph storm  headed to ruff ground mark in search of a big Huss on my own , giving 4m swells I armed my self with a life jacket and a shit load of leads , after losing a load of gear was gonna head home when my rod arched over and line peeled off after a good few attempts to land the tope I finally managed to get a grip on its tale in between the massive swells she went 46.2 , quick pic and back she went ,next cast I landed an absolute beast of a Huss going 15.5 and new pb after struggling to land that as well I was happy to call it a day as swells were to dangerous , take some beating a trip like that on my own.


South Molton Anglers Off Ilfracombe

I joined South Molton Angling Club for a trip out of Ilfracombe aboard Bluefins skippered by John Barbeary. On assembling on the boat we discussed our options for the day. We could head out to Lundy and target tope and pollock or perhaps fish closer to our own coast targeting bass, tope, huss and conger. It was one of the biggest tides of the year and the big tides had coloured the water raising a question mark over the likelihood of good lure fishing for bass,

After a short discussion we decided to fish closer inshore hoping for tope in Woolacombe Bay followed by a session after bass over a reef and then to anchor at various marks for some general bottom fishing.

It was one the club members first boat fishing trips so even a dogfish brought a broad smile to the face of George Belcher-Truss  as he swung it aboard. A few huss followed with Andy Gray and Ed Rands boating huss of close to 10lb.

As the tide eased away we  moved a couple of times and at each mark enjoyed sport with huss and small conger.

A move to fish a reef saw several scad brought to the boat but no bass. The scad were welcome as fresh bait to tempt tope on our next session at anchor.

Stephen Edmunds swings in a string full of scad.

The next mark at anchor saw Richard Power boat a pleasing tope of around 25lb that gave a good account of itself. Several other fish were hooked at this mark but managed to shake the hook free.

As the tide pull increased John suggested a quick drift over a wreck where he had received reports of pollock. This proved to be unproductive.

John was undoubtedly frustrated at the lack of fish in numbers and tried several marks in an attempt to locate feeding fish.A few more huss were tempted over rough ground close to the rugged and spectacular More Point.

John Barbeary ponders another move.

With warm sunshine and a calming sea it was good to be afloat off the spectacular North Devon Coast, a Coast that can at times be challenging with fish hard to find. Fishing is often unpredictable with each season different. I chatted with John about this summers season and John told of a good summer with large numbers of mackerel in June and July bringing back memories of the good old days. The next couple of month offer the chance of good tope, bass and constant good numbers of Bull Huss.