Bideford & Appledore Shipbuilders May Rover Results

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May rover results 

13 angler’s fished 5 fish caught 

1st Stephen Found Bull Huss 15lb 4 1/2oz  152.812%

2nd Nathan Clements Thornback Ray 7lb 12 1/2oz 86.485%

3rd Paul Ackland Smoothound 7lb 10 1/2oz 76.562%

4th Stephen Found Spotted Ray  3lb 4oz 72.222%

5th Antony Smith Thornback Ray 6lb 7oz 71.527%

Appledore Shipbuilders May Rover

12 Anglers fished the May Rover . Jazza John took the honours with a Smoothound of 8lb 6 1/2ozs. Second place went to Richard Boon with another Smoothound of 7lb 9ozs and Third was Chris Slade, also with a Smoothound of 7lb 8 1/2ozs.

Massive bull huss wins Bideford Competition

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Andrew Clements won Bideford Angling Clubs twenty-four hour rover with a massive Bull Huss scaling 15lb 11.25oz. The fish was caught from a North Devon rock mark and is one of the biggest huss caught from the North Devon coast in recent decades.

March 24 hour results 

1st Andrew Clements  Bull Huss 15lb 11oz 1/4 157.031%

2nd Antony Smith Dog 2lb 3oz 72.916%

3rd Antony Smith Dog  2lb 2oz  1/2 71.875%


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Spring time on the North Devon Coast is often a lean time for the shore angler with fish hard to find. Anglers often move out of the area to find winning fish. Bull huss are probably the best chance of a good sized specimen from the North Devon shoreline. A trip to Somerset is often worth a try at this time for with ray and huss found even during daylight in the murky waters above the County boundary.

Bideford Angling Club 

March rover results 

1st Nathan Clements Bull Huss 12lb 5oz 123.125%

2nd Nathan Clements Bull Huss 7lb 5oz 73.125%

3rd Stephen Found Dog 1lb 15oz 1/4

Next competition 24 hour  19/20 March

Appledore Shipbuilders

13 members fished the March Rover. Only 2 fish were recorded at the weigh in.
Both fell to James Atkinson.
James’s winning fish was a fantastic Thornback Ray of 10lb 9ozs and his second fish was a lovely Plaice of 1lb 7 1/4ozs.
Well done James and all that fished.

          Combe Martin SAC


1st – Rob Sciones -bull huss 8lb 13oz

Sea Angling Weekend Competition Round up

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Sea anglers faced a stormy weekend that impacted heavily upon local shore competitions. Bideford Angling Club and Appledore Shipbuilders both had fixtures on Sunday where members braved the strong winds and heavy rain to no avail with nil fish registered in either competition.

Combe Martin SAC members fished a weekend long competition that enabled members to embrace Saturdays more favourable conditions. Kevin Legge took the top two places in the match with bull huss of 9lb 12oz and 8lb 10oz. I took third place with a winter mullet of 2lb 12oz.

It is clear that thick lipped grey mullet are present in waters around the South-West throughout the year. When I first started fishing for mullet over forty years ago these fish were considered to be a fish of the warmer months. It is now apparent that they can be caught in every month of the year throughout the South-West.

Targeting winter mullet in the cold light of dawn.

Huss dominate Combe Martin SAC Competition

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David Brook left with a huss of 7lb 13oz & Wayne Thomas with a huss of 6lb 10oz.

Combe Martin SACs January Rover was fished by ten club member with a wide range of marks fished. Bull huss dominated the result with David Brook (above left) securing first place with a huss of 7lb 13oz. Shane Pavio Hookway was runner up with a huss of 7lb 10oz and myself third with a huss of 6lb 10oz ( Above right).

Shane Pavio Hookway with a huss of 7lb 10oz

The recent settled weather has resulted in clear water along the coast and a lack of quality fish close inshore. With this in mind I joined Kevin Legge and Dave Brook at a remote rock mark that gave access to thick kelp and seriously rough snaggy terrain. At times I questioned the sanity of clambering around the slippery and jagged rocks at the age of sixty but in truth I have no intention of giving up just yet. It is good exercise after all and I still love being out there in the dark night casting out in that mysterious dimension wondering whats lurking beneath the waters surface?

Strong tackle is a must with 25lb b.s Berkley Big Game Line,  a single strong catfish hook and a rotten bottom. Tackle loses can be high but in calm clear conditions getting in amongst the rough stuff can pay dividends. It is very much a case of tightening up the clutch and giving it plenty of stick when a fish is hooked. With luck if a good fish is hooked it can be bullied clear of the snags if it gets stuck it will often come out after leaving the rod in the rest for ten minutes. if not more often that not the rotten Bottom link will break allowing the fish to be retrieved. I personally tend to use one rod in these situations with a second rod all set up ready to cast out if the gear is lost.

Specimen spurdog, conger and huss in CMSAC Competition

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Aaron Brooker 13lb 15oz spurdog

Aaron Brooker took the top two places Combe Martin SAC’s week long Blow Away the Excess competition. A fine specimen spurdog of 13lb 15oz taking first and a 23lb 11oz conger taking the runner up spot. Shane Pavio Hookway was third with a specimen bull buss of 11lb 3oz.

Aaron Brooker conger 23lb 11oz

Shane Pavio Hookway – bull huss 11lb 3oz

Bull Huss haul

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Combe Martin SAC member Kevin Legge ventured out on to a low water Bristol Channel mark and put together this impressive bag of six double figure bull huss.
Kevin fished with AMMO squid and launce baits on Varivas Catfish hooks to make his daylight haul.
The fish were caught within a short spell of time and were placed in a deep rock pool ahead of a photo opportunity.