Trout in Paradise

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Anglers Paradise is well known for its Coarse Fishing but it also has a trout lake offering Fly-Fishing and lure fishing  for a range of species. The option of lure fishing for trout might be advantageous for those who have not mastered the art of Fly- Fishing. In my limited experience in most lakes the fly will out fish the lure most days.
The fishing is catch and release with barbless hooks only.
Trout Lake (Fly fishing or Lure fishing) for various species of Trout and our predator Lake Valhalla (Lure fishing only)for some fun Pike action.
Zenia Gregory and her family enjoyed a couple of hours family time on their trout lake and caught Tiger, Rainbow, Blue and a Brownie Trout.  Joe caught a Pike yesterday from Valhalla Lake on a lure.
Day Tickets are £20

To book your session, please call 📞 01409221559 strictly between 9am to 4.30pm.

Anglers Paradise