Combe Martin Sea Angling Clubs Lure Fishing Competition generously sponsored by High Street Tackle concluded on Saturday, October 29th, with presentation of prizes at Danny Watsons High Street Tackle Shop in Ilfracombe.

I ( Wayne Thomas) was fortunate to take the first prize of a Penn Conflict XR Lure Rod with Dan Welch securing the runner up prize of a lure bundle worth close to £100.

Results – All lengths are actual with weights estimated via B.A.S.S Calculation charts for length to weight.

Wayne Thomas – Bass

74.5 cm                                 9lb 12oz

69    cm                                   8lb

68.5 cm                                   7lb 12oz

Total 212 cm

Daniel Welch

68 cm                                      7lb 12oz

66 cm.                                          7lb 2oz

61 cm                                      5lb 1oz

Total – 195cm


Solly Welch ( Junior)

58 cm                                      4lb 12oz

58 cm                                      4lb 12oz

57 cm                                      4lb 8oz

Total – 173cm

James Corner

62 cm                                      5lb 13oz

60 cm.                                      5lb 4oz

Total 122 cm

David Jenkins

55 cm                                      4lb

53 cm                                      3lb 12oz

Total 108 cm

Peter Robinson

62 cm                                      5lb 13oz

Effie Welch

53 cm                                      3lb 12oz

The club would like to thank Danny at High Street Tackle for his generous support throughout 2022. We look forward to working with Danny in 2023 whe he have exciting plans for another bass lure league for club members and an Open Lure Fishing competition fished over a weekend.  More details and dates to be confirmed in the New Year.

North Devon has a vast potentail for lure fishing with beaches, rocks and estuaries providing a wide variety of opportunities. The fishing on offer can certainly match fishing in more high profile areas like Southern Ireland, Pembrokeshire and Cornwall. We owe it to our local angling community to promote what we have to support the local economy.