Early season success at Wistlandpound

    With the Rivers running too high for salmon it was time to visit Wistlandpound and reconnect with its splendid wild browns. After an icy start warm sunshine was illuminating the reservoir as I arrived. A blue sky  and calm waters full of nature’s reflections.

            It was good to be back on this familiar water with a rod in hand. After last summer’s drought it’s great to see the water level full to the brim. Significant growth of withy has restricted access to some areas of the lake but this is not a problem with the low number of anglers fishing the lake. On this day I was surprised to see three other anglers fishing.

            This was only to be a short visit searching various areas. I had set up a floating line and started off with a small black lure on the point and a black cruncher on a dropper. The water felt cool as I waded out and started to search the water. The occasional fish was rising far out. It probably wasn’t ideal conditions but the beauty of the surroundings made up for any lack of action.

            The far bank looked appealing with a slight breeze caressing the shoreline. I wandered over and waded out into a gap in the bankside growth. There were good numbers of buzzer shucks drifting on the surface and a fish rose just beyond the rod tip. The session was drawing to an end and I yearned for that connection.

            Suddenly the line zipped delightfully tight and I lifted the rod to feel a strong fish pulsing at the end of the line. I played the fish carefully and was relieved when it slid over the rim of the net. A perfect wild brown trout, its flanks golden with hues of bronze decorated with dark spots and vivid crimson.


            I had a few more casts, reflecting upon the beauty of the fish I had caught. I spoke with another angler fishing further along the bank as I headed for home. He was pleased to have tempted half a dozen good browns. I pondered that I perhaps could have caught more but In truth I was contented with that one fine brown and I know that the season is young and there are hopefully  plenty more days to fish.