Bideford November’s Rover results

1st Stephen Found Flounder 2lb 4oz 112.4%

2nd Jon Stevens Thornback Ray  101.041%

3rd joint Andrew Clements  & Stephen Found Flounder 1lb 13 1/2 92.187%

Appledore Shipbuilders Monthly Sea Rover Results

15 members fished the November Rover today.

Some challenging conditions both at sea and In the rivers but most anglers managed to find a few fish. Reports of a lot of tiny bass pinching the baits for the people targetting Flounders and several flounders caught around the 1lb mark.

Best Flounder weighed in was 1lb 10 1/2ozs which wasn’t quite big enough to place.

Winner today was Josh Atkinson with a Bull Huss of 9lb 8ozs. Josh also managed to take 2nd place with another Huss of 9lb 3 3/4ozs.

Andrew Atkinson picked up the final place also with a Bull Huss of 8lb 9 1/4ozs.

Barnstaple Triple Hook Club Open Flounder – Result

1st Mario Manley – Flounder 1lb 77/8oz

2nd Mark Hancock flounder 1lb 73/4oz

3rd – Robbie Hancock – Flounder 1lb 51/4oz