Limits for all at Bulldog on a cold misty morning

Members of Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Club assembled at Bulldog Fly Fishery on a calm cold winter’s morning. The bare trees of winter silhouetted against the misty morning light.

         The friendly Winter Challenge competition was due to start at 10.00am and lines touched down on the calm lake surface as members cast their lures.

         After half an hour I was surprised that I had not had a take as I searched the water with a damsel nymph fished in conjunction with an Intermediate Snowbee Line. As I looked around the lake at fellow competitors I was surprised at the lack of bent rods.

         I guessed the fish would eventually switch on and this proved correct as members rods soon started to bend as the lakes residents started to feed.

         Just  as I pondered upon changing to a different fly a good sized rainbow appeared in the clear water and engulfed the fly as I was about to lift it from the water. After a spirited tussle my first trout of the day was safely netted.

         I fished on keenly expecting more action but after half an hour I had received no more enquiries. I glimpsed a few trout moving close to the surface and changed tactics tying on a damsel booby with longish marabou tail. After a couple of cast’s, I watched as a good trout converged on the fly. A beautiful rainbow of close to four pound.

         I persisted with the booby for a short while losing what felt like a good trout after a few seconds of contact. With several fish moving close to the surface, I changed to a floating line and lost a fish on a team of buzzers. After a further twenty minutes I tied on the damsel again and after a couple of casts I hooked into another good rainbow to complete my three fish limit.

         By now most members had completed their bag. Club secretary David Richards arrived late at 1.00pm due to work commitments. This proved to be no disadvantage as his first cast produced the biggest fish of the day a well proportioned rainbow of 4lb 14oz. Within fifteen minutes David had completed his three fish limit and won the competition with 13lb 5oz.

         It had been a good morning  with the fish proving challenging enough to make the fishing interesting. It is far better when you have to work a bit to catch the days bag.

Full Results

1st David Richards – 13lb 5oz

2nd David Eldred = 10lb 7oz

3rd Wayne Thomas – 9lb 13oz

4th Dave Mock  – 9lb 8oz

5th Andre Muxworthy – 9lb 7oz

6th – Colin Combe 8lb 

7th Nigel Bird 7lb 14oz

All caught 3 fish